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Tiger Eye

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The famous rock as the Eye of the Tiger makes us recall to mind in the forms of the tiger. Pacienzudo, oriented, fixed, ready, with time appropriate and slow and deliberate actions. The Eye of tiger seeds the balance and the power to secure the things that we considered through the thorny periods of the life. Calm the doubt and grants clarity. The Eye of tiger is in addition a great rock for the visualization and the declaration. Instructions the Eye of tiger can be used for a spell of easy money.

It enables to several of Eyes of Tiger with his necessity of money. salos to surround a green candle, ignite the candle and visualize. The Eye of tiger can help it to see in its past lives. Watching the stone, it calms your mind and it sees in the light sparkles. The Eye of tiger gives all reasons for presence immediately. He is very useful for the people with ADD/ADHD, bipolar upheaval and any other tendency to oscillate from an end to another one. The Eye of tiger is an excellent stone for the digestion.

If you are having digestion problems, it maintains the eyes of a tiger in a water glass and enjoys of her throughout the day. Even advice and warnings Tenga of tiger eyes, with malachite, smoked, citrino topaz and amethyst. Trate to combine these minerals in bracelets or necklaces. Combine the pieces in a stock market to take, or simply mtalos in the pocket. Some people are more sensible to the energy of the mineral. She sees his reactions when she is used these stones. If you feel anxiety or restlessness, or other physical symptoms, such as nauseas, is possible that it wishes to reduce its exhibition. If you are sensible, tries to use only loose stones, and noncombinations.


Web Client

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Altogether they had spent about ten days. I sent a new email, 3, always in tone very educado.ERROR NUMBER 4: Passed two weeks from the purchase, I sent a new email, 4. This time leaving the tone calmed to a side. My claim was not that the product arrived to me immediately, simply solicitd that somebody was put in contact with me or would put one denuncia.ERROR NUMBER 5: That same night, to 22h I received copy of an internal email in which the employee of attention to the client ordered to the service of shipments that gave to the information on the date and form me of delivery. Not even they went directly. On the following day the package arrived when I was not in house.

In fact, there was nobody no to gather it. ERROR NUMBER 6: they left a neighbor to whom I did not have authorized. My neighbor was very amiable, but also he could happened who outside an edge or directly somebody that I do not know. The company did not call to me – although they had my number to confirm if they could leave it to another one persona.ERROR NUMBER 7: When I sent the last email to confirm that it had received the package I did not obtain any answer either. CONCLUSION The delivery of the purchase was realised in a reasonable time having in it tells that it was Christmas. Nevertheless, the attention to the client was terrible. Fodder not to return to buy in that page Web.

All the recommendations skipped that I enumerated in previous my post: There was no communication with the client, not even before the repeated requests on the part of this (that is to say, I) Promised a information who never proporcionaronEntregaron the package to a stranger (I must add, that the package not even went minimumly surrounded, reason why my neighbor knows with exactitude that things gift family) Never made sure if the client she were satisfied and much less requested excuses by the lack of information As consuming never I have been especially demanding. Perhaps another person in this situation would have itself angry more. In any case, this company has my " recommendation negativa" for my friendly and relatives. They could even write a critical envelope, with identity data of the company. And by all means, there are lost to a little demanding client in normal conditions and that he buys quite often online. You that you think? You think that yes I was very demanding or that I was not reasonable? You think that the company acted correctly? Or on the contrary, you think that with this attitude they throw stones against its own tile roof? You it has happened something similar sometimes? As always, I am open to know other points of view or experiences that serve to the readers as this blog to learn and to improve. Original author and source of the article.