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Espirito Santo

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Therefore the Church is so deceased, so without moving (the blow of the wind is not felt), without its candy presence, authority. To be ' ' Pentecostal' ' it is to believe in the Power of God through its Spirit, is to accept supernatural of God acting in the church and in the life of the believers, it is the belief in the influence and until possession of malignant espritos and to exert the authority to order them even so. It is the belief in dons that it was given to the disciples in the day of Pentecoste as the authority to reprehend these demons and banishes them. It is to have discernment of Spirit. It is to hear the voice of our God in our heart, is to feel its direction. This is to be ' ' Pentecostal' '. To be Pentecostal is to feel the manifestation of the power of GOD in our lives.

It is to be able to say and to have the certainty of that we are children of God It is to be proven for the fire and purificado This fire if calls Espirito Santo, the GREAT POWER! The true full pentecostal of the Espirito Santo has sanctity, has authority and has to be able. It is pursued by ' ' saulos' ' , and believers ' ' icebergs' ' , that they do not believe the power of God and its manifestation through the Espirito Santo. To put the Escritura Saint says that: God is the same yesterday, today and will be perpetual. Therefore what It made in the past, also makes today, that is, it continues if revealing strong in the way the ones that they love to it, they obey and they believe to it its power. Therefore without the faith and sanctification, it is impossible to receive the power from high skies! Not! I could not say for the shepherd these things, speech of my real beliefs duly warned to scandalize it and of it to start to see me as sent of the Satan.

Madalena Maria

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Pilatos if astonished of that already he was died. E, calling the centurio, asked to it if already it had much that had died. E, having itself certifyd by the centurio, gave to the body Jose; Which buys a fine sheet, and, taking off it de a Cruz it involved, it in it, it deposited and it in a tomb cultivated in a rock; dug a rock for the door of the tomb. Madalena Maria and Maria, mother of Jose, observed they put where it. ‘ ‘ Landmarks 15:42 – 47 ‘ ‘ all known its, and the women who had followed together it since the Galilia, were of far seeing these things. here it is that a man for name Jose, senator, man of good and just, That it had not assented in the advice and the acts of the others, of Arimatia, city of the Jews, and that also it waited the kingdom of God; This, arriving the Pilatos, asked for the body of Jesus.

E, having taken off it, involved it in a sheet, and p it in a tomb excavated in a penha, where nobody still had been rank. was the day of the preparation, and amanhecia Saturday. the women, who had come with it of the Galilia, had also followed and turn the tomb, and as its body was rank. E, coming back they, had prepared spices and ungentos; in Saturday had rested, as the order. ‘ ‘ Lucas 23:49 – 56 Jose de Arimatia, who was disciple of Jesus, but was not fishing, was politician, an honored, cultured senator, a man of good, and just, but he had fear of the Jews. It had not assented in advice of the others, of the same country of it, the city of Arimatia, city of the Jews. As well as them, Jose de Arimatia also waited the Kingdom of God. In synthesis, we evidence that Jose de Arimatia was disciple of Jesus, occult fact to the Jews, differently of the other followers it was rich, an honored senator, man of good, man just, that also it waited the Kingdom of God.

It was Jewish, but he had fear of the Jews. It had not assented in the advice of the others and it had also not assented in the acts of them. It directed itself until Pilatos and supplicated that it allowed it to take off the body of Jesus, so that the same was buried in its grave. What he was granted to it, but the Roman soldiers if had before certifyd of that Jesus had really died. Which are the important messages that this Biblical ticket grants in them? The crucificao of Jesus Christ means the fact of it to have taken all the sins of the humanity on itself. Crucificao meant sacrifice. The burial of Jesus Christ indicates that Mr. Jesus it defeated the Satan smashingly. Sepulture meant defeat of the evil all. The resurrection of Jesus Christ indicates that it already is to the right of God-Father and that already the captivity took captive all that was the reality that pairava on all the humanity. Resurrection meant that all we, independently of culture, race and color, have opened the doors of the Kingdom of Skies and have the right to the glories of God!