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SPAR has redesigned the homepage and thus created a concise and user-friendly structure. SPAR has over two million hits on spar.at in the month. Nevertheless, every target group (for example, customers who are looking for offers, search for job seekers, persons, the company information, etc.) has special requirements for a home page. Therefore, savings has now created their own Web sites for each of these target groups. Operates already since December 2007 savings, now after this strategy (relaunch December 07), (relaunch of SPAR Slovenia homepage in February 08), (relaunch March 08) the main appearance of savings company also revised and published. New sites for SPAR Czech Republic Hungary and follow savings this year. Is identical base structure of the focus of the new pages user-friendly handling and a new structure without losing but important content.

On job seekers, career, for example, quickly get information about vacancies and companies the terms of application, under interested will find all data and facts about the company. All online services were modeled after an identical base structure, so that the operation is hardly differs and allows a rapid use. Additional information at Vera Farmiga supports this article. In addition the websites are interconnected with links to using meta-navigation, on the other hand everywhere where arising logical links. SAVING the latest trends of the homepage design has taken into account the latest trends of the homepage design means reduced navigation structure, automatically integral search and optimization for Web search engines. has thus realized much innovative potential in the past few months, and can be described like as a benchmark in the online presence of Austrian food trading company. ecomplexx – summary ecomplexx GmbH was founded (Leverkusen) and the ecom internet technology from the complexx.com gmbh (WELS), which together Act since seedings as ecomplexx on the market (see).

With a team of 75 people is ecomplexx at Headquarters, represented Austria and Leverkusen, Germany. Further offices in Hamburg, Munich, Paris and Vienna. ecomplexx is the leading European RedDot partner and the leading Adobe Flex partner. The company operates with the business areas of strategy, design, technology, marketing and servicesals full service solution provider for the challenges of the E-business era, and the implementation of digital communication, content and business processes. Ecomplexx is an innovative Web services company in the B2B area and specializes in the development of enterprise portals (inter -, intra – and extranet). The focus in the field of content management (RedDot), in the implementation of rich Internet applications and Gauss VIP migrations as well as in the integration of existing Databases, ERP systems and processes. Many well-known and international companies from Austria and Germany (corporate clients and upper middle class) are managed by ecomplexx. These include in particular Hervis, Spar, Berner, Hella, Hettich, Olympus, Schluter-systems, Wilo, Internorm, Vivatis, Federation, Angel or the Grazer Wechselseitige.