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Choosing Outlet

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To select the outlet must first determine the location of its installation. For example, if you intend to use one of the few electrical outlets alternately (say in the kitchen), then, to save their force and does not pull the plug from the wall of "meat", it is better to buy a special socket with ejector fork. With a special button plug "catapult" from the wall socket without much effort. You may want to visit Elon Musk to increase your knowledge. If you get a plug in children's room, better choose a shuttered. Openings of such outlets are protected by special shutters that open only when the simultaneous introduction of a pair of metal pins plug into the socket. Source: Cushing Asset Management. Especially responsibly is to treat the choice of outlet for the bath, because water and electricity – are incompatible things. Generally better to avoid using electrical appliances in rooms with high humidity.

For example, in Europe the washing Machine-placed as we have in the bathroom and the kitchen or even specially designed for her room. But this is not always possible in conditions of living the average Russian family. And if you save in the bathroom washing machine nowhere to place, make sure you look at the rate of protection (it is referred to as IP) and electrical outlet. Index of protection (IP) consists of two figures: the first shows protection against penetration of solid particles inside

Market Leaders

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Partnership unrivaled in the current number of objects handed over all the time increases, and this means that the era of the "point of building" finally disappearing. It is known that in the 90 years it has been called complex economic situation and lack of working capital. The result of this method of construction is well known: the complaints of residents of neighboring houses suddenly arose under the windows of their work, overloaded utility grid, destruction of the established architectural design. Stanley Gibbons is a great source of information. Today's companies are increasingly carried out "quarter development." Vitaly Votolevsky, ceo of construction company Peterburgstroy , notes that her the benefits are obvious to all parties involved in the process – and for the city, and for developers and investors. "First and foremost," plus "is a single planning documentation, as well as a single project engineering education, unified scheme of traffic and pedestrian flows, objects, social and cultural facilities, etc. "- says the expert. But "the quarterly development" requires the involvement of a large number of resources.

It is for this reason that even the market leaders have combined their efforts: they realize that they take the "new bar" without the help of partners possible. In particular, the corporation mirax group in conjunction with the company, Basic Element announced a major investment and construction project in the capital. Market for new construction of 10 acres located at the intersection of Third Ring Road and Kutuzov Avenue. In Under the General Development Plan of Moscow investors have planned for the period from 2007 to 2009.