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Michael Balek Grundinvest

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Survey of euro Grundinvest real estate owners to the current global crisis Munich, the 10.08.2011. The typical Munich real estate owner is male, over 55 years old and wealthy euro Grundinvest among his clients invested, so the results of a survey of the real estate company. Total 389 predominantly male (83 per cent) attended real estate owners from Munich questioning the euro Grundinvest. The result: Every second participant is over 55 years old and has more than a real estate. The survey aimed to find out about possible changes in the behavior of the property owners at the beginning of the renewed outbreak of the global crisis has pursued euro Grundinvest. 81 percent of the participants hold land for the most secure form of investment in the crisis. Only 12 percent named crisis-resistant gold in the long term. 60 percent of respondents already, himself of other assets, such as shares or bonds to separate, have started to expand its real estate holdings.

Another 21 percent plan to do so in the near future. Although the real estate prices in Munich currently climbing from one record high to the next, only 11 percent of those surveyed in the near future plan to sell a property. The escape of the money values in tangible assets is particularly clear. No wonder that continue unabated demand for real estate in Munich. On the one hand, hardly anyone wants to sell, on the other hand urge investors and owner-occupiers hordes on the market. Must lead inevitably to rising prices.”said Michael Balek, head of real estate portfolio management of euro Grundinvest. About euro Grundinvest Grundinvest euro group of companies is specialist for the construction of high-quality residential ensembles. The characters and partners are active in the real estate and construction industry since 1987 and have the design, the construction and accompanied the marketing of more than 2,500 residential units with a volume of over EUR 600 million.