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Oversight Commission

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Classification method based on the ranking of employees by a certain criterion of best to worst by assigning the corresponding serial number. Comparison method, or the rankings, is designed to identify the relevant employee's position by scaling the personal qualities of the employee. This method involves drawing up a list of tasks the employee and the study of its activities taking into account the time spent on these tasks. This method takes into account how economically employee spends time and funds. Quality staff evaluated on a 7-point scale.

The method of independent judges include "cross-examination" of independent experts on various topics, including all areas of the employee. Typically, this type of Certification is done by computer. During testing, the employee is invited to answer questions that give some answers. Testing technique is good because it allows you to capture a large number of evaluation criteria and allow computer processing. Ebay is often quoted on this topic. As a rule, the proposed tests are divided into psychological and physiological qualifications. First allow us to estimate personal qualities employee, the latter helps determine the degree of his qualifications, while others reveal its physiological features. The method of gaming for the evaluation of staff are specially designed simulation game situations, which help evaluate the effectiveness of teamwork of staff, their ability to jointly address problems and to identify the individual contribution of each participant. Decision is made by the expert Oversight Commission.

The method of achievements includes the joint identification of the key objectives of the employee, as well as timelines. After the deadline the performance of employees measured as a percentage. Comprehensive method, or a circular evaluation will assess the employee of his colleagues, superiors and subordinates. In addition to the professional assessment methods, there are criteria for evaluating personnel within the company for which we can determine the quality and quantity of work, discipline and loyalty to the leadership. For example, the evaluation of the quality of work performed on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 – high level of accuracy and precision, no need for additional verification, etc., and 1 – low quality of the work for errors, the need for constant validation. Similarly, an assessment of the volume work performed. 1 point is assigned to an employee who performs work slowly, spending a lot of wasted time and can not cope with the planned scope of work. If the employee does more than expected of him, full of energy and ideas, it is assigned 5 points. Methods and forms of assessment may vary depending on the specific goals of a company. Drafting and implementation of the method, and evaluation results should be specialists in order to avoid distortion of results. Certification often causes anxiety or negative attitudes of staff. To avoid such reactions, it is necessary to inform the employees about aims, methods and consequences of the forthcoming appraisal. Performance appraisals should provide the appropriate conditions, including privacy and exclusion of distracting and annoying moments. Results assessment should inform the staff, while respecting literacy, confidentiality and sensitivity, even if the results are unfavorable.



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Mentor should call empathy and, besides, he himself must be able and willing to work with people. Naturally, the process of mentoring should be organized so that the activities of the employee as a mentor does not affect its substantive work. Otherwise, the system adaptation based on coaching, would not lead to increased and reduced productivity as a whole. Coaching in practice is quite different. Unlike mentoring coaching is aimed not so much on direct instruction, much of the fact as to maximize the potential to reveal new employee and make him full-time commitment to work. Coaching is based on the recognition that each person has much more ability than they normally exhibit. And the coach relies not only on current performance the employee, but rather on its potential, which tends to reveal the company's benefit.

Coach or manager, owning skills coaching, not only gives instructions and guidance as asking questions. Questions asked by a coach in a specific pattern (as they are called, "good questions") allows beginners to take a fresh look at their work and their capabilities. On the other hand, the head coaching perfectly shows the real professional level of Novgorod officer at the moment and can plan their work on its development. From novice can work full-time coach, or manager (usually the immediate supervisor), which owns the skills of coaching. In some cases, the appropriate use of external coaches. In coaching, there is one distinct advantage – saving time. It was not going only to reduce the time required for full adaptation of a new employee, but also about the time required for direct presonalom.

The very process of coaching time requires quite a bit. Actually, the manager does not necessarily allocate a separate time for coaching. Quite enough constantly aware of and use the basic principles of coaching during his interaction; I am a new employee. In any If it takes much less time than the endless warnings and instructions. The efficiency of this approach is much higher. Coaching can be used to solve very specific problems, in our case – for effective adaptation of personnel. But it's much better if coaching is adopted in the company as a key management style, the style of relations between staff, the style of corporate thinking and behavior. In this case, the atmosphere of coaching allows you to more fully reveal the potential of each employee, there are no problems with the motivation of staff, adaptation of new employees is easy and natural, increases the productivity of each individual employee, working groups and teams. But unfortunately, as a coaching style of management found yet infrequently. But the use of elements of coaching in hr gives consistently good results. Mentoring more Traditionally, it has repeatedly proved its effectiveness, followed by the experience of many generations. Coaching – a relatively young phenomenon in Russian business, but, admittedly, the phenomenon is extremely promising. Coaching – it's on Today, one of the most effective tools of personnel management, and certainly the most efficient to date style of management. It should be recognized that the mentoring and coaching are different in nature. But when They in no way mutually exclusive. Rather, they may very well complement each other. The only question is, what more in line with accepted in the company's corporate culture. Of course, coaching, as well as mentoring, can be used as a standalone tool. But when they are skillfully combined effect will be much higher.