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Laying Tiles

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Laying the tiles start from a lower angle, gradually moving forward. To withstand constant width of the joints between the tiles is inserted wooden strip section of 1×1 cm and a length of about 15 cm of the same width should be and the seams between the tiles and door frame, windows and baseboards. Strip is removed only after as the solution is fully cured (approximately 24 h). Wooden strips not only provide the same width of seams, but do not allow the top to slide the tiles on the bottom. When the solution is slightly clutch (about 20 minutes after laying the tiles), you can start the next row. Each new series of tiles on the horizontal level is checked.

Eliminate possible bias, has not yet dried up glue. Since the height of the tiles that mimic sandstone, not the same, then get some of the same height is impossible. However, the beauty of masonry "for natural stone" is a different-sized tiles. Constitute a 'pattern' on the floor, and then transferred to the wall. When facing internal or external corners should be especially careful. At the inner corner of the tile is placed so that the distance between it and the tiles were at 0.7 cm plus the thickness of the tiles and adhesive layer. In this case, between the two abutting rows of tiles should form a visible seam, which, after filling mass for jointing.

Tiles abutting each other at the outer corner, stacked as tightly as possible to create the appearance of a corner stone. The resulting slim seam at the junction fill jointing mass tinted the color of the tile. In the corners, near windows and doors have to cut the tiles. Tile that mimics stone, cut the same way as conventional ceramic. For a straight cut Tile use, and for complex cuts – a diamond-sawing string. When the glue is fully cured (about a day), you can carve the seams. You must first remove the wooden strip and clean the seams brush. For filling use a solution prepared from a mixture of cement, fine sand and dye, or get ready to grout the color you want. Cooked weight is applied and smooth at the seams with a narrow spatula. After 15-20 minutes, as the adhesive will harden, but it is still soft, the seams smooth round jointing or a segment of rubber hose. Remains of mastic with tile was removed with a damp sponge.