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Psychotherapy And Alcoholism

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Psychotherapy in psychotherapeutic methods based on coding alkogolizmalezhit impact on the psyche patient to prevent relapse of alcoholism. The main objective of these techniques – to generate patient stable association between alcohol and negative experiences. Violation of sobriety during the period of such procedures, threatens the development of alcoholic psychosis with hallucinations, irreversible lesions organs of vision, hearing, impotence … By psychotherapeutic methods include: hypnotic techniques, NLP, acupuncture programming. Calvert Equity follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Coding with hypnosis One of the methods of treatment of alcohol dependence is encoded with the help of hypnosis. He performed a medical psychotherapist. Simplistic nature of the method of coding using hypnosis as follows: the patient is administered a hypnotic state and inspire aversion to alcohol, the desire to give up drinking in any situation and a complete ban on the use of alcohol within a certain period.

As a result of coding using hypnosis the patient is enhanced sense of self-preservation, it becomes much easier to control yourself, even in situations provoking drink. Coding using hypnosis conducted only with the consent of the patient and with his full knowledge of their condition and the desire abandon the use of alcohol. The best results are encoded using hypnosis allows in combination with other treatments for alcoholism. Medications include drugs used dlyakodirovaniya alcoholism, Antabuse is allocated, or teturam, and his French counterpart – esperal. This drug is used in the so-called sensitization. The essence of this method of treatment of alcoholism is not only stable suppress the craving for alcohol, but the impossibility of its use.

While taking this drug, at the resumption of drinking, there are various, painful, painful and sometimes life-threatening physical disorder. Coding of alkogolizmas help of drugs prevents the use of alcohol, but does not eliminate the craving for it. Therefore, this method is effective only in combination with complex treatment Alcoholism, whose mission – to eliminate the causes of alcoholism. An important condition for successful treatment is a strong emphasis on the patient's abstinence from alcohol. In this case, the consequences coding gain maximum effect. In each case, treatments are selected individually (taking into account not only health status, degree of alcohol dependence, but also the psycho-emotional state of man, his lifestyle, profession, occupation, etc.). The main task of correctly chosen treatment – do not make a person not to drink any way, and remove the causes that led to alcoholism and to develop a clear installation of a sober life.