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There comes a time to make decisions that will change lives, as well as affect the lives of other loved ones. The changes involve the destruction of old frames, old patterns of life, creation of new models. We all fear the unknown, and any changes. We often do not want to communicate with the changes, what changes or because it is we associate with the loss of security. However, if you try to examine how changes in advance, you will be striving for.

When you are afraid of the future, the past seems more pleasant and desirable. And the changes – the growth is moving forward. Avoid changes means to avoid life, but life without change is impossible. Another very important point is to help children. With each of the clients, we discussed how to help children gently move the divorce of their parents. First and most importantly: – Listen statements of your children, give them sound off on their exciting topic.

– With the emphasis attributed to the that the children were very sad. Divorce is not one of those events that are quickly forgotten. -Try to be patient. – Give up revenge. Anger and resentment throw you in the past, but you need to focus on the good and build a future. – Change your views on what you do, from negative to positive change hate with love. Then assertion that "every day, every hour, my life is becoming better and better" will change not only your life but the lives of your children. If you have read about Jay Glazer already – you may have come to the same conclusion. – Switch your thoughts on another subject – Change your attitude to the existing problem – Learn to themselves and teach their children the methods of relaxation, relaxation, anger management. Each of the women learned to help their children in this difficult situation for them, it is necessary to devote time to his physical and mental health. After all, a woman can give peace, understanding, sympathy, support and love when she was well myself physically feels when it is filled with light and love. We talked in detail with Irina about the importance of maintain her health, of regular physical activity, which must be gradually put into their lives. Six months later came the psychologist's office in an interesting, smart, with a soft smile on the lips of a woman, it was Irina. Thank you. The first thing I did, went in search of work, got a job as an accountant in a school. I tried to circle for the girls' training young mistresses, "was nervous, but lessons have begun to use such a success that it became group "Mothers and Daughters – Mother", where a woman fully realizes himself in the works. With children, Irina and pronounces hears all they care about, and when my son wants to talk about dad, she calms him, cheers. Woman understood and tries to send the children to cope with life's difficulties, it is necessary to take steps forward, even if at first small, but always regular. It is important not to lock, do not go in themselves with their troubles, resentments, bitterness, it is important to verbalize and communicate with people, talk about what excites you, what excites your child. Just letting go of the pain people pass away to an internal agreement. "The network is used to catch fish when the fish are caught – a network of discarded. The words used to convey meaning when meaning is understood – words cast. "