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Schiffhauer Adventure

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Effilee-magazine for food and life – output #11 available! Food is an adventure. And that includes, as well: the cooking, shopping and the wine. Anyway, if it is open, tried again and embarks on new. The magazine Effilee, which is distributed since October 2008 in the German-speaking market and since then every two months about this adventure. The magazine for food and life, so the claim is more than a mere recipe booklet. See Affinity Health for more details and insights. The idea of hospitality is as old as humanity. A common meal is a great way to get closer to even in lean times.

Because everywhere the austerity agenda, the new issue of Effilee supplies (EVT: 25.06.2010) lots of recipes and stories which you decently can sweeten the crisis itself. Sylvia Heinlein writes about the fantastic, incredibly rich cakes of the Icelanders, who are seemingly impregnable for stranger. Manuela Ruther is settled by a Palestinian woman in the world of the Arab Candy let and has brought quite a few recipes from this encounter. Paula Rosenthal will not settle for partial explanations. In the cooking shows Vijay spare, that delicious ice cream is homemade faster than you think. There’s also something to drink? Of course! For example summer cocktails from the bar chef Eyck Thormann, the photographer Astrid of large and model Signe with much colorful LTeX scene have set. Or ouzo Wolf Reiser has learn everything about the aniseed of the Greeks in Lesbos.

Kristian Ditlev Jensen, however, was further to the North on the road. He tells of bizarre creations of beer, which he had discovered at the Beer Festival 2010 in Copenhagen. Under the heading”a plate explains in the Eleventh Edition by Effilee Klaus Erfort a vegetable composition with tuna and anchovies. Eric T. Hansen has been scrutinized Kalahari, Halit – and Himalayan salt and has come on the taste of the ions. Nils Schiffhauer visited the Lars Scheidler Cutler, whose Klingen can split hairs.


More Expensive

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Sat. 1 practical test shows: organic foods are often cheaper than from conventional products Munich, some rumors tenaciously keeping August 2009. So about that organic is supposedly more expensive than conventional supermarket goods. A current practice test of satellite TV now shows that the opposite is often the case,. 1. It turned out that the basic organic supermarket in many foods is even cheaper than a comparable conventional supermarket. For the test had SAT.

buy a 1 in their respective markets. A fervent advocate of organic had to check off a shopping list with 24 products at a conventional supermarket. Click Morgan Stanley to learn more. A housewife who had shopped only in standard supermarkets should shop on the basis of the same list in a basic supermarket. The result was a surprise for both women: basic, the total was just 1.90 euros over the conventional provider (basic: 50.76 euro;) Supermarket: 48,87 Euro). 11 products were even significantly cheaper basic to almost 30 Percent. A pack of whole wheat pasta cost the same. The twelve more expensive products come mainly from the convenience area.

Good to know: fresh and are especially cheap, health-conscious customers can and her family so consciously and organically feed with organic products, spend without significantly more to the full-value products. Especially for products such as fruit, vegetables and cereals, the shopping at basic is even cheaper than in a conventional supermarket. At the same time recognized bio seal guarantee that these products without the use of pesticides, antibiotics, or artificial fertilizers have been created. Like the SAT. 1-test also showed, have to worry about the buyer with no restrictions. Because the selection of a basic supermarket is of a conventional supermarket in nothing. Basic offers a full range of the 8,000 organic, the astonished noticed Tester, visually matched the quality of her usual. “” Under the brand name basic “for food and basic life” for The organic supermarket cosmetics offers around 200 products of for daily use with very attractive pricing. Conclusion: a healthy diet need not be expensive!