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The Conduct

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The piracy of COMPACT DISC and DVD are argued have much time and if it became a great challenge for

Accounting Publishes

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Now let us imagine this in the accounting it publishes, this area beyond being a little more complicated, is a

European Common Market

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The decurrent rights of the concessions in being able of the Statoil had been converted into financial rights, being the

World Fiscal

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In a pioneering research, the University of Stanford created an index, the SFRI (Index of Sovereign Fiscal Responsibility, acronym of

White Chavero

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A diversity of classifications of the models of ” exists; styles of aprendizaje” Chevrier Jacques (2001), Heron, R. and Leventhal

Variable Interest

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The hypothecating loans, can be contracted Fixed, Variable Interest or Mixed Interest. In this writing we will make appointments to

Indescribable Light

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Brazilian System

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