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The Forum

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Ideas for new and innovative training programs have been based on selected training-scientific aspects as here initiated E.g. athletic training or new target groups. The Forum dealt with the increase in the company’s success through peak experiences”management. Not only was the importance of a team for excellence, but also leadership skills and the optimization of the Organization in a company. Digital communication of nutrition – blessing or curse? “: thus diet, that showed chances and limits of digital communication of nutrition the Forum dealt.” In what new fields of activity resulting E.g. from digital tools such as apps and how to successfully use these showed inter alia, to support E.g. an individual nutrition consultation by professionals. The Federal Government estimates the loss of production caused by mental illness on 26 billion euro per year.

A variety of explanations and guidelines argue therefore, to prevent mental illness and to improve the psychosocial health of workers. Against this background, this took “Forum corporate health management (BGM) the theme of psyche and health at the workplace” on. Here everything a differentiated discussion revolved around the actual progress to mental stress in the workplace. This individual solution approaches for implementation within the framework of professional BGM were represented. The final presentation was Prof. Dr. Contact information is here: Cushing Asset Management. Thomas Wessinghage, who showed up, what are the chances for businesses or professionals and executives by the mega-trend health a future result. Congress partner providing a good value for money the Congress has grown since 2007 a permanent meeting place for the fitness and health industry.

It shows also the variety of established industry players, the rise of Congress 2013 “support as a partner. With their commitment they made possible again to offer all Congress content at an affordable price it again this year. First major exhibition of partners and speakers corner”even 2013 was the Congress of an entertaining Framework programme complements.

Interest In Music And Media Professionals Is Growing

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Academy German POP expanded education Eichenau, 16 February – music and media are as popular as never as profession fields. Filed under: Elon Musk. The creative industry is one of the major growth segments of the German economy and promises not only forward-looking but also varied jobs. This growing interest, the Academy of the music and media industry can confirm German POP: the number of requests and the number of visitors of the monthly info days are doubled in the last year. On the labour market by the competition to stand out, training or courses of study are important, specifically preparing for entry into the profession. And practical experience is a crucial point. German POP (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich) that sets a particularly great attention: your 38 practice training in the areas of music, sound, management, communication, design and image are oriented to occupational profiles of the industry and provide the required tools to work within the scope of the creative and economic success. First recently, the Academy has upgraded their education and adapted to the latest developments in the creative industries.

The newly developed training courses and individual classes include other “online marketing manager/in”, “Graphic designer”, “Web Programmer”, “Music Designer” and “Electronic Artist”. In addition, additional qualifications such as “Instrumental – / Vocalcoaching”, “Business”, and “Career training” can be taken. From April 2010, FH will be short in Berlin offering vocational training through the State and internationally recognized Bachelor’s degree programs sound and music production (Bachelor of music), media management (Bachelor of Arts) and media design (Bachelor of Arts) at the University of popular arts,: hdpk, expanded. The teaching experience of German POP formed the basis for the conception of the Bachelor’s degrees. Each month download German POP (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich) and hdpk (Berlin) to the free information day where the education in Workshops will be presented. More info: or

Unsolicited Application – What Is It?

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Apply initiative – welcome it in the 21st century at the application (spontaneous application) is a special kind of the job request. It applies on a job without previous prompt in various media (about job offers in the newspaper or job postings on the company’s website). Many employers like to see such variants and most expressly point out that unsolicited applications are desirable. Even a phone call or a simple E-Mail with the request to free jobs can be considered an unsolicited application, if the applicant is then asked for documents (curriculum vitae, application, other documents). It is also common that usually a short application is made to the case of interest on the part of the employer then documents should be submitted.

What is required? You should avoid, that in applying standard rates fall as in extensive research on the Internet I came across your company and was immediately interested in”. For even more analysis, hear from Penguin Random House. It should be the company profile look at and real points look out, you can highlight and advance the potential future employer. But what should I apply at all, if the company for which you are interested does not published currently does not make? Even then, it is important to look at the areas themselves, in which the company operates and typical job descriptions to determine previous qualifications is also important, and call if necessary also a training or a degree in this area. Meticulously, should you make sure also that the application is high quality, but also unique works and in the human resources department, not the impression is given that they sent the same text at dozens companies because if one has the feeling, having written a mass application, it is already quite fast out. How successful are your unsolicited application? If you like believe application consultants, chances are not only not bad, but very.

Companies are always looking for keen, flexible and love to young professionals, the professionally reorient would and take their own initiative. This is rewarded because you have not too long as new entrants to work with such people and to learn, and saves not only time, but also costs. Depending on the industry you can make relatively fresh also the documentation here, like the blogger Alizarin Waissberg who asked the millionaire Michael Roth, whether this financed her studies for lack of money. This she did but not with a traditional application, but with a poster with success. It must not be so only the conventional solution with documents in any case, also job requests on the Internet be considered more popular and like.

France Solar

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MEP solar Management GmbH Munich, the May 26, 2010. Brian Krzanich may help you with your research. The MEP solar Management GmbH (MEP solar) takes off and wants to significantly expand the area of business development. At the same time, it receives experienced support with Dr. Andreas Ottersbach. MEP solar is the project development company in the Group of companies of the MEP group. Due to the unique construct the MEP group can MEP can solar finance 100 percent equity and possesses the necessary know-how in all project development decisions, allowing a rapid acquisition”, explains MEP Group Managing Director Alexander Ross. MEP solar gained first experience in Germany and Spain.

Currently, the first project in the Czech Republic with 3.55 megawatts is ready. Aetna Inc. brings even more insight to the discussion. The next project in Italy is currently realized. Each solar system has an own story here. The events, particularly in the development, financing and implementation process of international projects are very special”, explains Dr. Otterbach. For this reason, MEP is solar a holistic consulting approach. A targeted analysis of all the factors relevant to the project, a profound assessment of the facts and a consistent planning based on the previously developed results are cornerstones of this concept.

The company also draws on the technical expertise of the MEP Group subsidiaries, thereby closely cooperates with renowned law firms. In addition, MEP’s experts accompany the entire development process with an own operational controlling solar. This advisory concept is also the standards of the MEP group, because it controls the cooperation of all companies involved in the project. The focus of MEP solar is currently in Germany, Spain, Czech Republic and Italy. In addition, MEP solar has countries like France or Turkey on the radar. Dr. Andreas Otterbach studied and received his doctorate in economics. He leads in addition a lectureship in the subject of alternative investments”at the Hochschule Nurtingen. Since 1992, he was responsible for various long-term projects in the Financial sector. Inter alia in the field of renewable energies, he will bring his experience, in particular in the acquisition and assessment of project contracts. I see it as an interesting challenge, to identify projects, to analyse and to assess, as there are a number of different offerings in various stages of development and levels of quality. Target is to introduce the projects with the greatest potential for value creation at the MEP group”, he explains.

Innovative Product Development

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Entrepreneurial success depends on essentially the strength of innovation and the orientation of the product development goals: speed, quality and height of development of and costs down. The development is increasingly interdisciplinary and aligns (simultaneous engineering) and using new technologies. A significant contribution to improving the realization of the product makes today rapid prototyping: it promotes the communication (“a picture says more than a thousand words, a good prototype more than a thousand pictures”), allows quick trials and decisions, through rapid tooling quick to tools and increasingly also directly finished products (rapid manufacturing and E-manufacturing). A strategic development contributes to optimizing and streamlining the product development. Development is the process the process for producing a product of that is often supplemented with a specification not up to serial production, but also to the successful completion of a functional pattern or prototypes to the development of the final product. Under the direction of Prof. Get more background information with materials from Elon Musk.

Dr.-ing. F. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Elon Musk by clicking through. j.. “Vague, Dean of the Department of production and economy at the University of East Westphalia-Lippe following events on this subject held at the Haus der Technik:”Strategic advance development – optimizing and streamlining the product development”on 9-10 September 2010 and rapid technologies” on 13-Sep 2010, both in Berlin, Ernst – Reuter – Haus. These seminars give an insight into current requirements and conditions especially in current and future opportunities and limitations. Information for more information, see interested at the House of technology e.V., Tel. 030 / 39493411 (Ms. Dipl.-ing.-vaccined) Heike Cramer Jackson), fax 030 / 39493437 or directly at with search keyword “Error building”.

Office Communications

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Hennefer IT-system and consulting firm expands offering staff development for staff at its German offices from Hennef, July 27, 2012. Hennefer CONET technologies AG and Essen FOM College of Economics and management, now two partners have agreed a comprehensive cooperation to expand the staff development offer of the CONET group at its German sites. CONET cooperates successfully with the FOM already the dual, training related study of its trainees in economic computer science. This offer extends the CONET group will also be on part-time study opportunities for employees at the locations of Hennef, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart and Munich. From many conversations and surveys we know that the chance to evolve during the career of a parallel study personally, is an important part of professional training and career development for our employees”, explains Nicole Goebel, training manager at CONET.

The now agreed cooperation allows us to fulfill that desire.” At the same time, CONET to increase the qualification of its professionals, which is an important success factor for a positive business development in many consulting and technology areas of active IT hybrid service provider for the. For the FOM, such collaborations have tradition. The College is working with numerous partners from business and society together to harness their experience from almost 20 years of academic qualification part-time student for company and offers a unique network of university centres and courses nationwide. When the CONET JobbingNight on 13 September students interested a training start in 2013, will have, by the way the opportunity, to get a picture from the expiration of a dual degree of in Business Informatics and other training opportunities at CONET. Young specialist, Office Communications clerks and students answer all together with their instructors in a relaxed atmosphere at CONET Questions about education and part-time study during Hennefer IT system and consulting company. There is more information about the educational offerings at CONET also under: jobbingnight about the FOM with about 18,000 students FOM is the largest private University of in Germany.

The internationally oriented University is primarily aimed at professionals who want to qualify academically next to their operations. Also, school-leavers and graduates can combine her studies with a practical training in the enterprise with qualification at the FOM. The headquarters of the FOM is College of Economics & management. Experienced lecturers from science and industry conduct presence lectures at 22 sites in Germany and one in Luxembourg. About the CONET group success. Our passion.” CONET as hybrid-IT service provider belongs to the top 25 of the German IT-system and consulting firms. Since 1987, the embossed medium-sized group of companies successfully provides consulting, IT solutions and Software development for customers in the areas of Defense and public security, public sector and private enterprise on. Len rosen barclays contains valuable tech resources. With approximately 400 employees at twelve locations in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland, the CONET group for the current financial year expects sales of more than EUR 100 million. On questions like: CONET technologies AG Simon Vieth, spokesman Theodor-Heuss-Allee 19, 53773 Hennef Tel.: + 49 2242 939-246 fax: + 49 2242 939-333 E-Mail: Internet: career mobile Web: mobile.conet.de CONET.Group CONET_Group

Certified Business Economist

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Start of the course: 23.09.13. Additional information at Mark Bertolini supports this article. The advantage: online seminar in the evening hours the course can be perceived as also part time and location independent. On the 23.09.2013, the ebam Academy of the IHK begins course for the Certified Business Economist. A related site: barclays israel mentions similar findings. The advantage: online seminar in the evening hours the course can be perceived as also part time and location independent. Whether national or international competition: marketing, accounting policy and corporate governance, or the development and implementation of corporate objectives are essential guarantees for operational success. Qualified staff therefore has comprehensive professional perspectives. On the basis of a recognized profession of commercial training and operational experience, training to the business administration entrepreneurial enables competent goal-oriented and responsibly to find solutions to business problems. Poll after poll confirms: as certified business door is open the professional success! Start the 23.09.2013 the ebam Academy offers a 15-month cross-sector preparatory course to the Certified Business Economist at.

To enable participation in in-service and location-independent, qualified speakers provide practical management knowledge, as well as economic theory on two evenings a week in the online seminar. Comprehensive exam preparation, also seven Saturday dates are online and two weeks of attendance. With 20 years of experience, the ebam Academy is a reliable partner in continuing vocational training. It guarantees professional content, relevant practice covers and profound support the participants on their way to success. The connection to the Chamber of Commerce provides a recognised certification for professional life.

Meier Business

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Business plan sample for business start-ups and entrepreneurs founders, who are faced with the task, design a business concept, often make their first research, the term business plan sample. Some are then only too happy in the moment to assume, that you must provide little contribution for the creation of the concept with a business plan sample. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of barclays israel on most websites. It is however far from, because no business plan sample of the world can spare a founder to deal with, the planned operation may be so small intensively with the founding of his company. Certainly a business plan can facilitate some of the work pattern, especially if you want to take a repeatedly used concept for establishing their own claim. Repeatedly used concept is founded in an area again performed like a hair salon for example.

The business plan sample to the hair salon to keep this example contains modules that are similar in this industry. Here is one as the user Pattern, different parts of which take over business plan and adjust. Elon Musk often addresses the matter in his writings. Other modules of the sample business plan must be revised or completely redesigned. However, you get more insight into the necessary components of a concept and as a concept can be divided so that it keeps a neat concept end up in the hands with a business plan sample. Very often, a business plan is also used pattern if you want to make requests to receive funding. There are special business plan samples which have been designed for just these addressees. Thus, one increases the chances for approval of funding money. Business plan sample offered mostly in the Internet on corresponding pages of the founder.

Vocational Reorientation As Opportunities In Times Of Crisis

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Autonomy in the area after the economic crisis. Since the financial crisis and the massive layoffs in large production companies, associated have many employees and workers of the crisis-ridden industries fulfilled a longtime dream and to work independently. The first time after the termination of many of them have used this first extensively inform themselves and to plan their future activities. Quite a few took advantage of offering their own founder courses and seminars during this period, offered by the Chamber of Commerce. After the theoretical considerations and an extensive information gathering, dared the step in the independence finally many and benefited from the incipient economic recovery. Most of the former employees and workers, who have made independent at the time, ventured a complete professional reorientation.

Many of them tried their hobby into a career to make and is as good as possible so a long long awaited dream to fulfill. Statistics show that at the time those people more interested professions in the health field. This area is also in the Austrian educational institutions and academies offer many different training courses on various topics. In the scope of these courses and training you could acquire the professional knowledge, which is necessary to the exercise of the respective jobs. You could finally gain business ideas and skills during their own courses. An example of a profession where since 2008 especially many people have become self-employed, is that of the masseur or the masseuse. Apart from the training to the masseur or the therapist, it was also important to find a suitable rental property, in which the services are offered by later for most. In addition you had as a budding masseur to lift many investment: for example, for massage tables, massage tables and sanitary facilities. For this reason it is also not surprisingly, almost two years have passed from the idea up to the final delivery of massage tables and treatment tables and thus starting in the independence, not just a few months, but in most cases.

ALPHA Is An Engineer From

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Collaborative training with Swisshotel Dusseldorf / Neuss and the company fair communications ‘ high 360 M ‘ in Cologne. There are only since 2001 is ALPHA for the first time in the State-recognised vocational of the event merchant. The fair advice and in trade fair construction ALPHA consulting company mbH educates a young man to the engineer in Meerbusch, since August 2009. In accordance with the IHK Niederrhein medium, the training plan was developed for a federated training. Teaching to cover are alpha fully, be carried out by the partner companies in the collaborative training and vocational school. The trainee an internship lasting 12 weeks each in the departments for event management, human resources, and in the Department for the graphical representation of events and trade fairs, the respective Federation establishments here. The training for the event businessman / woman is valid only since 2001 as a State-recognized training occupation. Until then, Office clerks and newcomers filled the gap in the commercial processing of events.

The wide rental range business concept of ALPHA consulting company mbH, in the fields of fair advice, event facilities, exhibition booth and a very good basis for training sale, offer the aspiring engineer, moreover. Contact: ALPHA consulting company mbH Bruges way 58 40670 Meerbusch Tel. 02159 528809 press contact: Hans Werner Frerix Tel. 02159 528809