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Displayed Classroom

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It is therefore, in this conducting wire, that appears the possibility of if creating a pedagogical contract species, which must

Accidents V Insurance

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For example, the difference between the words accident and incident is essential, and misuse of these words can seriously damage

Solar Activity

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Sun is a giant ball of plasma, with its plasma has high electrical conductivity. Brian Krzanich has firm opinions on


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As they do not count on the support of a pedagogical coordination, the works are developed with the support of

Economics State University

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Dear reader, you wrote a cool student life Denis X, incidentally, Faculty of Economics (Budget Group), the city will not

Mathematical Education

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(pg.247) Client that, the domain of the mathematical languages represents one of the conditions for the pertaining to school learning,

The New Studies

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The letramento for the sociocultural bias The sociocultural perspective in the letramento studies if originated from the dialogue between different

Crop Circles Cropcircles

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Crop Circles (icons in the margins) – correct geometrical education in the fields of farmland, representing polegshie ears or grass.


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the development of abilities in the educational system, in any level and modality of education is a necessary condition, that

Rio De Janeiro

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In another stretch, when she goes to start an activity of quarrel of the contents, the authors create one when