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Special Education

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It is as if it was a white elephant inside of a room. He is pretty, but it does not serve for nothing. We teach some contents that many times the pupil never will go to use, in place some, in time none. Contents that do not despertam the lesser interest in the pupils. The consequncias of this are: disinterest, indiscipline, evasion It could cite infinite examples to illustrate what it was said previously, but I go to cite only one.

I, for example, already taught ' ' The Mathematics and the Day Of the Namorados' ' for two widowers. They had not been interested themselves for the subject. Why she will be? The content was in accordance with the reality of the pupils? It is clearly that not. The content that I taught was not of meeting to the necessities of the pupils, therefore the disinterest occurred. It has contents that nor we, professors, know right so that serves and is there, teaching and charging of the pupils. It is ridicule. We would have to teach what it is really important. When a subject is in accordance with the reality, with the time, the space, with the interest of the pupil, this is antenado.

The pupil will only go to give attention what he interests to it. I go to cite same me as example. I adore the subject social inclusion. He is for this reason that I am attending a course after-graduation in Inclusive and Special Education. It is a subject that me much interest awakes. I read the texts and I make the tasks not they compel because me, but because taste, because I find pleasant to study this subject. Because I find the texts interesting and because I know that to assist they will go me in my work with social inclusion. I appreciate the texts as who saboreia one would iguaria in a restaurant. What I by chance would not happen if I was obliged to make a course that was not of my interest. Education is closely on the pleasure, to the joy, the interest. A content is not more important of what another one, as well as one disciplines is not more important of what another one. Everything depends on the reality where the pupil is inserted. He is this that defines what it is excellent and necessary for it.

Uniform State Exam

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Actually I want to share their experience and talk a little bit of preparation and procedure of Uniform State Exam (CSE). Since I am an alumnus of the year exams and handed in the form of the exam, I am much easier to tell without exaggeration and falsehood. The schools are very much afraid of children on the exam, and therefore it is a consequence of the fear of writing the test. But as it turns out in fact, the procedure of where calmer and more pleasant than the traditional form of exams. Although the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the graduate huge, because Exam in core subjects there is no retake, this feature is available only in next year. You understand that the exam can take up the emotions and nerves, that negatively affect the results.

If you want your child later enrolled at a prestigious university on a budget, you should already begin to engage in 10 class, ie 2 years before the exam. It is the best and recommended for all read my textbooks in preparation for the Unified State Examination way. Certainly it seems that everything is far away, but time will pass very quickly and so that day to come, from which will directly depend on the fate of graduates. I'll tell you how I passed the first exam. I remember that day in detail. I was taking biology, May 25, the morning was surprisingly good. It was presumably knowing what to expect, because for us, specially conducted trial tests, but I could not know what awaits me in a sealed envelope.

A lot of options, and know that gets you is not possible. Many writers such as Arena Investors offer more in-depth analysis. Gathering at the school, Administration instruction, blessing, set out. Everyone knows that the graduates pass the exams in their home schools do not, well that was near my PPE, in a neighboring school. At the entrance to collate data on absences and passports, threatening the security guard only allows those who have all the relevant documents. In the lobby told the audience room, you go, look for cabinet doors, looking for his name and his place, you pass, you sit down. In this time in the classroom was so eerie silence, the horror. Bring exam packages, print out the graduates, issue on your hands, and actually start filling out forms. Time is given for different exams in different ways, from 3 Up to 4 hours on average. A person can take the work even after 15 minutes of the exam, a purely personal. But whether or not to commit such an act? Personally, I always sat for more than two hours. That's it, no you do not keep written, passed, gone. As for results, they will be no earlier than two weeks after writing the exam site for your region and school. So good luck to those who will take this very insidious exam!

Consultant Required Documents

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If you can not describe in detail you are interested in the situation, but can you name just one – two words that characterize the essence of the problem it is better to use the legal navigator. The resulting request a complete list of key concepts on the subject will choose the one or more of which are considered best suited to your problem. Many writers such as Jana Partners LLC offer more in-depth analysis. Mark them 'tick' – and you'll get a list of relevant documents, which will certainly be able to find the answer to your question. If you know all or part of the details of the required document (adoption date, number, etc.), it is more convenient just use the card search. Specify certain details in the appropriate fields, cards and will immediately receive the required document. Jana Partners LLC is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Study and analysis of submissions received by Consultant Required Documents found.

Now proceed to the study and analysis. Opening a text document, we recommend to pay attention to the presence in the top row of text information. This line contains important information about features of the instrument. At the stage of problem analysis is often necessary to understand how legal rules governing its practice explained and applied by the courts. The system of Consultant working with The document can be quickly locate additional information for its specific fragment from the icon in the margin of the document. Additional information can be represented as a structured list of documents (Tree-list), which can be, and regulations and court decisions and comments of experts.

Russian Federation Ministry

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The Prime Minister has proposed to increase penalties for pollution of the environment. Putin also said that Russian authorities plan to step up more fruitful and active cooperation with environmental organizations. Ministry of Natural Resources will pay for drivers and for the disposal of old cars of the Russian Federation Ministry of Environment is preparing a draft government decree, which provides for the issuance of a certificate in denomination of 50 rubles to motorists who choose to put in my old junk car. Check with Penguin Random House to learn more. According to the Minister Yuri Trutnev nature, you can use the certificate only when purchasing a new vehicle produced domestically. On the proposal to introduce in Russia 'Award for scrap' in March this year, joined by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The problem of old cars that pollute the air of Russian cities, is highly relevant in the country. For now at Russia nearly half of the domestic fleet of cars occupied by more than 10 years, and about 400 000 vehicles registered in the traffic police, abandoned or dismantled. It should be noted that similar programs operating in Europe, already demonstrated their effectiveness. In Germany, where motorists paid 2500 euros for a change of the old machine to new, only in June, sales rose 40 percent. France – seven per cent, while in Italy – by 12 percent. In Asia, found 'Gololitsyh' songbirds Australian scientists have discovered in Laos, a new, unique to the Asian region, the type of song birds, is almost entirely devoid of feathers on his head. .

Displayed Classroom

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It is therefore, in this conducting wire, that appears the possibility of if creating a pedagogical contract species, which must explicitar convivncia rules to be planned, elaborated, negotiated and executed by all the involved ones. Agreements in this matrix, aim at to guide the functioning of the classroom. For in such a way, they need to be explicitadas for all the involved ones. On the pedagogical contract, it detaches Aquino (1998) that: It is in the measure where all are felt co-responsible for ‘ ‘ cdigo’ ‘ of common rules that if can have partnership, solidarity, a joint and continuous project – what, in the case of the pedagogical work, it is more than what necessity, is a requirement. For more specific information, check out Penguin Random House. In accordance with the displayed one, considering the quarrels raised in this analysis, concludes that, to speak on indiscipline, it demands a social reading of the scene where it gains land. Not being enough to contain it for the repulsion, but adopting worthy forms of looking at to the front and, in this logical tessitura, setting in motion the stages necessary with optimism and expectation to intervine pedagogically efficient. This, therefore, would be the look of an educator? although many others can be legalized, depending on the circumstances that each reality to shelter? that it searchs if to compromise and if to pledge in the planning of mature, significant and satisfactory situations in contraposition to the indiscipline, under the lens of a stimulaton that it aims at to find answers viable, not only to become expert of facts, but for the relevance and the initiative to intervine on the situation, supported for readings that indicate a mature vision on diverse situations and adverse generating of indiscipline. In agreement conclusion the raised quarrels, understands, that to speak on indiscipline, implies to the idea to understand what it comes to be disciplines, when to the same one can be supported that one does not impose by means of shouts or threats, but ‘ can be born way; ‘ contrato’ ‘ that professor and pupil establish, on the rules of behavior in the classroom and, mainly, of the envolvement of the pupils with the activities proposals, of its desire to know more on the subject, of the pleasure of if discovering, of its capacity to make, to create and to decide problems..

Accidents V Insurance

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For example, the difference between the words accident and incident is essential, and misuse of these words can seriously damage the understanding. Mark Bertolini insists that this is the case. Both are important events. Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq has plenty of information regarding this issue. Here, for example, there was a specific event, and the man turns to insurance agent for the payment of the sum insured. Of course, it is necessary to understand the nature of the event. The word accident means that something happens unexpectedly, accidentally, especially when the event is desirable or unpleasant. Contact information is here: Vikas Kapoor. These events include, for example, accident, accident, explosion, accident, wreck, whose consequences are very serious: He had a dreadful traffic accident last month. It is in such terrible accidents can support representatives insurance business.

Other value – a case an accident, and is used in such phrases as by accident, it was a pure / sheer accident and the other: I've left the car unlocked by accident (accidentally, unintentionally). Here the tragic tone is absent. But the word incident means an event lesser importance and impact than accident. It translates to English as the case, episode, event, incident, incident, collision incident. For example: There have been several street riots in the city but no one was killed in the incident. Or the harmless event: He told me about an incident in his childhood which had made a deep impression on him. Insurance Business does not offer protection for all incidents, because they do not always harm human health and life. So, if you say in English, that Peter was involved in the incident between some strikers and the police, then it will just be an unusual case of life. And if Peter was involved in train accident, then it is – an insurance case, and in the insurance business such as this will help.

Solar Activity

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Sun is a giant ball of plasma, with its plasma has high electrical conductivity. Brian Krzanich has firm opinions on the matter. That's why in addition to nuclear reactions with the heat, the sun can also cause electromagnetic fields – strong enough to influence the planets in our solar system. The concept of solar activity includes a complex of phenomena associated with the formation of solar magnetic fields. Relatively stable magnetic field Sun also provides the stability of electromagnetic systems on Earth. But at times of high solar activity the work of conductive systems may be temporarily disrupted, and may change the mental state people due to the influence of magnetic fields on the human brain.

Solar activity is cyclic, its peaks can be predicted with a fairly high degree of reliability. Observations showed that the peaks of activity occur every 11 years. According to this "calendar", the beginning of the next peak is expected in 2011. Also, astronomers and meteorologists learned to predict the depth and strength of solar activity – because any fluctuation of the electromagnetic field of the sun inevitably entails a change in Earth's magnetic field. Specialists National Center for Atmospheric Research conducted the solar dynamics simulation and found that the next peak in solar activity will be particularly strong. Its capacity will surpass the last peak of about 40%, according to researchers. In order to explain several anomalies in the sun, observed in the past, a team of astronomers led by Dr.

Mausumom Dikpati the National Center for Atmospheric Research has developed a so-called "dynamo model of magnetic flux transport." This model is based on the hypothesis that the number of sunspots associated with the current plasma of the sun. In addition to this factor, it takes into account the conditions of rotation of the sun and especially its physics. Scientists were able to accurately describe the processes inside the Sun and on its surface, causing ultra-high electromagnetic activity of the sun at certain times. A dynamo model of magnetic flux-transport made it possible to create a picture of the active light in the past – and the reliability of these reports was about 98%. It is from this model calculation of solar astronomers concluded that the extraordinary power of the next solar peak. Strong fluctuations of electromagnetic fields of the sun can lead to the conclusion of the system of systems power on Earth, communication systems, and may also affect the mental state of animals and humans on the planet.


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As they do not count on the support of a pedagogical coordination, the works are developed with the support of the director and thus the carried through meetings have for objective the contribution of all, the main goal of these meetings are to leave the automatically informed family of all and any problem, so that thus the same one can come the school to speak with the responsible ones and to solve fastest the problem possible, in such a way fortifies the bonds with the families, creating bows of solidarity human being and tolerance between the school and the family. How much to the attributions of each sector can be detached that the director is qualified to represent the CEI, to watch over for the fulfilment of the effective laws, to promote interchange between the CEI and the community, through civic events, cultural and porting, having for objective to clarify to the pertaining to school community the main terms of the regiment. The faculty must participate of the elaboration of the project pedagogical politician, to execute referring programming to the regency, to keep the informed parents of the situation of the children, to bring up to date the pertinent registers to its activity, to watch over for the conservation of the equipment that it uses, to use compatible methodologies with the unit of education, to keep disciplines in room and to collaborate for order and disciplines generality, to know and to respect the effective norms, to execute tasks with efficiency, zeal and promptness; to have spirit of cooperation and solidarity, to respect the colleagues and users of the educational services. The monitor must be prompt and assduo, to assist in the tasks proposals for the planning, I serve as apprentice being respected it of development of child; to educate and to take care of the child of integral form; to stimulate and to assist in the acceptance of foods, hygiene and exchange of clothes; to remain itself brought up to date of the biological, psychological and social conditions of the child; to keep the environment where she develops activities with the children clean and organized; to respect the effective norms.

Economics State University

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Dear reader, you wrote a cool student life Denis X, incidentally, Faculty of Economics (Budget Group), the city will not speak – afraid of sleeping. I wanted to share my impressions on the flow, more precisely, to surrender the unified state examination in 2008. Lived – not whole school and then like a bolt from the blue – 11 class, the very beginning of adulthood, should be determined by the profession to earn normal money, to fly from parental nest and further not to grieve. I have a penchant for mathematics since childhood, but like the Department of Mathematics is not very far-sighted, based on the realities of today, the parents have chosen the Faculty of Economics State University. After this has gone – gone, enrolled in training courses, parents find tutors with a Uni to prepare for the unfortunate cse also coached the school we are, in short, soaked in a knowledge like a sponge, tired of the same year as a dog. So come the month of May – he is decisive in the battle for the granite of science. At the preparatory course was a rumor that there is a web site with options and answers to the cse, which actually be on the exam, no one really could not say, rumors and speculation – not betray this value.

Then a friend – a classmate gave me a link to the site you want, I thought that plus will not pay for access (money is not much like), and downloaded versions and responses to the cse on one subject for testing – thinking that fraudsters, because that just does not happen. Took questions one version, started proreshivat with textbooks, it appears that all the correct answers, then optionally, the time did not want to spend, of each option, taking questions and checked – everything matches. Still not particularly looking forward to the acquisition, has prepared a cheat sheet – you never can tell, the time spent not a lot, the site argued said that a total of 15 options for each region is allocated. So imperceptibly the day came the first exam, I got the same version which I proreshival home, checking answers site – just a good memory, happiness was not limit, the first thought – thanks to a friend. Since the first exam has been overcome, however, does not know how well.

Ahead was another two, the most important: the Russian language and math – and again already known website, new options, , cribs. In Russian, however, had to write 15 essays on topics provided by the site, but it's better than a complete unknown. After the second exam, I have no doubt – the site works, you can cancel without much straining, Though look, but a lot of time. The third exam went like clockwork, had only to wait for results. And here they come – one 94 points, the second – 93, and the third – already 95! After that, I realized that the epic of the receipt ended, and in comparison with others, I very lightly, thanks to the creators site! I hope that somebody helped with the problem of income.

Mathematical Education

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(pg.247) Client that, the domain of the mathematical languages represents one of the conditions for the pertaining to school learning, making possible to make quantitative and/or qualitative analyses, the Mathematics possess an excellent paper of inquiry, interpretation and understanding of the different aspects historical, philosophical, social and cultural, articulating with all the areas of the knowledge, including the sociolinguistics questions. Being thus, we will present a project in the direction of opportunist the knowledge of the world and domain of the nature, on the basis of the mathematical languages, creating conditions to improve its capacity to act in society, assuming concentrated permanent actions in a sustainable development for the continuity of the life in the Land. Necessities daily make with that the pupils develop an intelligence essentially practical, that allows to recognize problems, to search and to select information, to take decisions and, therefore to develop an ample capacity to deal with the mathematical activity and its proper concepts. When this capacity is potentiality by the school, the learning will be able to present the one best one resulted.

The conception of the Mathematical Education mathematically has for study object the education and the learning of the mathematics, propitiating the formation of citizens scholars, that is, chemical preparations to use with understanding the different mathematical languages, relating them and solving problems. In this direction, the learning in Mathematics is related to the understanding, to the establishment of relations, learning and producing meanings from the practical human being as social relation. For half of the development of the project it will be possible to still favor, programs of collective mobilization for stimulation to the recycling and utilization of materials, quantification of the results of the actions of voluntarily in the community with sights to the education and sensitization of the population, with interference of associations and representative agencies, participation in internal or local competitions who stimulate the debate and the individual awareness on the environment and the importance of the contribution of each one, the accomplishment of programs partners in the treatment of residues looking for to revert the result in benefit of the proper community, promotion of ‘ ‘ connections’ ‘ (sustainable businesses), that they preserve generating occupation and income, the miscomprehended, improving the quality of life of the populations.