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Tpac Yupanqui

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Mainly to the Sinchis unmarried, since unique that could have the several spouses were only the Villac Humu and the Sapa Apu Inka, both unique governors of the Tawantisuyu. They arrived and were received by the great Mamacona, the one that was servant from boy a Atawalpa, since her Mother had been made position direct the Tawantisuyu, by the sudden death of the Great Apu Sapa Inka Huaynac Kapak due to fevers that no chaman nor Kuraka had been able to decipher nor to cure. It governed by many years until re reunited all the old ones and determined the successory one of the government. The Mamacona was giving you order each girl, who is what they had to do, to some them control to prepare the baths of the Inka, to others like the two assistants of Coyas, which they were very presumptuous and who fought the love of the Inka. Under most conditions Club C Revenge would agree. The two were of different lineage, one belonged to the Panaka de Inka Pachakuti Yupanqui and the other of Tupak Yupanqui. That rivalry was recent then from the death of Huaynac Kapak, that it had chosen like spouses to brothers of his same Panaka, however Atawalpa were of different Panakas. Each always boasted of of his ancestors, as but the important ones in the history of their great nation and the days in interminable discussions that sometimes finished in fights of them, in presence including of great sapa Inka went, that paused a to admire the skills in the fights of his spouses and in whom Qikyusisa of panaka of Tpac Yupanqui won and that according to they said in the princess that had brought the great earth navigator beyond the Sea, she stood out by the whiteness of his skin and its hair of color of copper very different from the beautiful Yanacoya that was descending of the traditional and old Panaka but of the Great Sapa Inka Pachakuti. . Learn more at: Mental Health Monday.