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New Electronic Television Magnifier TV Mouse

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new mobile screen reader TV mouse from the House of B & M as a low-cost secondary care the B & M TV mouse is engineering the price revolution in the market of the electronic TV magnifying glasses for a suggested retail price of 179,-. The B & M TV mouse can easily be connected to your TV via video in or SCART-adapter. Thus, it is possible to read newspapers, magazines, letters and greeting cards also as seeing injured relaxed again. The B & M TV mouse shows the text with a 20 times magnification on a 51 cm monitor. So you need to sit directly in front of your TV, but you can sit through the 1.5 m long cable relaxed in your Chair. By means of a WIB switch, the image can be enlarged up on the 70. The B & M TV mouse represents the image in three different modes. They quite simply change the mode a good tactile button.

Read your text as usual: with black font on a white background. Or read the text with white lettering on a black background around the eyes to spare. Both are possible. Want to see photos? No problem. The B & M TV mouse can play back your favorite photos into real color on the TV. If something is too small, you enlarge the picture at your fingertips. Also, the TV mouse using a corresponding adapter can be connected to a USB port on the computer or using a VGA box on a Computerbildschirm.Als portable version, there is a 9 “Akkumonitor in combination with the TV-mouse. Thus you can easily know-how to lead your reading help and on the balcony, on holiday or in the library.


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High-quality and long-lasting LED bulbs with 7 years warranty Wasserbillig, 27.10.2010: in many medical areas studies only with the help of very specialized instruments can be performed. So Otoscope or Ophthalmoscope used in the ENT and eye doctor’s Office, whose reliability when the diagnosis but crucially depends on the quality of the lens technology and the quality of the lighting technology. So far, mainly halogen lamps were used for Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope, whose life was however reduced by the frequent switching on and off from the instrument so that the lamps often already had to be replaced years after 1-2. Welch, Allyn, the leading manufacturer of innovative diagnostic tools has therefore developed a series of new LED lamps, which are available for the MacroView and the PanOptic. These innovative LED bulbs by their constant color temperature, which not is different even in strong dimming, facilitate a reliable diagnosis. Which is also Heat during extremely low, making the investigation for the patients very pleasant. Another advantage of LED lamps is the high energy efficiency: with a battery charge up to 3 times more investigations than were possible with a conventional halogen lamp.

Welch Allyn is warranted by 7 years on the new LED series for diagnotische instruments through its retail partners. Practice service years retail partners by Welch Allyn and was even awarded the premium plus partnership. Practice service performs all common instruments Welch Allyn in its range and has quite exclusive too the new LED lamps for you in the offer. By buying practice service you are entitled to 7 years full warranty Allyn LED lamps for your original Welch. The warranty is valid from the printed on year of manufacture.