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Economic Picture

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&#039 is about a sustainable development; ' biocntrico' ': while in the cartesianismo the man is placed in the center of the universe, basing the antropocentrismo and the ambient degradation, in the discursiva matrix of the self-sufficiency, the man is seen in position of subservincia in relation to the nature. This conception has as norteador principle the logic of self-sufficiency and of the auto-regulation in the search of the balance man-nature and estimated its is anchored in the ideas of the English naturalist Gilbert White (1720-1793) and in the fisiocracia of the economist classic politician Franois Quesnay (1985), particularly in its Economic Picture, of 1758. White (apud GRN, 1996) says on a return to the past or ' ' reanimao of the bows of loyalty between the vital men and energies of terra' ' , through a organic or harmonic conception of the relation natural man-resources, in contraposition to the reducionista mecanicismo that promoted the alienation of the human beings of the nature (cartesianismo/antropocentrismo). Quesnay, for its turn, also defended the construction of a harmonic relation between Men and nature, however this meant a severe obedience to the natural laws. In the reality, fisiocracia means ' ' government of natureza' ' , that is, the fisiocratas understand that natural laws exist that govern the activities economic (natural determinismo). If, on the other hand, the main problem identified for the theory of the value in the fisiocrtico thought was the fact to consider that agriculture only generates excess (liquid product) or wealth, for another one, the fisiocracia had the merit to call the attention for the origin and definition the wealth concept: ' ' the economic reproduction is guaranteed by the wealth renascentes' ' , you regenerated, that is, for the natural resources you renewed (LAMB, 1995). Lamb (1995) rescues the importance of the fisiocrtico thought for the reflection on the preservation of the natural resources renewed, considered the true social wealth. .


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This subject became to stronger in 2004 with the enactment of the Federal Law in the 10.098. Nowadays, this discussion has intensified, but little has been done you improve the accessibility conditions in our country. In addition you the physical accessibility issue, which is extremely important, there ploughs also attitudinal barriers imposed on society which makes this issue social question. Therefore, accessibility is condition of access you the social physical means integrated in inclusion.

Tourism can be considered a tool you the inclusion of all people, including disabled people. The socialization in touristic activities gives US the opportunity you meet others and engage in conversations in the nice environment in natural and democratic way. The objective of this article is you the show the ways will be an accessible tourism in the City of So Paulo, where little by little changes have been implemented in favour of accessibility. Since So Paulo is big City, it presents many difficulties and has long way you go. Two touristic destinations has been analyzed in So Paulo, one downtown, in the If region, historical to center, and to other at So Paulo Avenue, financial to center and newly adapted. The intention was you analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two different and important locations in the City. In parallel with So Paulo, study was conducted on the City of Curitiba, which is considered the most affordable City in Brazil. These three places ploughs very different between themselves when we talk about to their amenities, administration and culture, therefore, comparisons and solutions were created will be the main problems and identifiable needs.

Ecology or Geology?

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Raul Saints (They are Joo of the Paraso/BA September of 1989) Very has commented itself regarding the last days of this decade, that are of the century and the millenium. Wars, deforestations are commented, pollutions sonorous, atmospheric and sea, in search of the cause of so waited cataclysm that will give one it is enough in our terrestrial existence. It is probable that they are the causes of so funestos events. It is probable until the action dismasted and irresponsible of the man is the cause of the destruction of the Planet. But, if to search carefully the History of the Humanity or the primrdios of the biological factors, will find the first organisms as beings disformes, unprovided of structures, whose compositions alone if had become possible after thousand or millions of years so that the first cells started to synthecize its proper foods or if they used to advantage of others. But, in accordance with the proper complexity of the subject, not we will be able to deepen them the theories of Miller or Oparin, without deviating the eyes of the objective Real in guideline, that is the APOCALYPSE. On the other hand, if to abandon the origins of the Planet, will not find bases where let us support in them, remaining only vain accusations against the men, when the MEN we are we ourselves, who we do not assume our parcels of irresponsibility in the pollution, but manufacture and we buy detergents and aerosols, poluindo the waters and decomposing ozone molecules, provoking so said, but little known EFEITO-ESTUFA, that are the free ticket of the solar rays for the terrestrial crust, without return for the space, which they are melting the glacial layers of the polar regions, whose effect are being proven in the Europe with Holland, the Denmark and flooded adjacencies.

Conference of Copenhagen

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In the Conference of Copenhagen – COP-15 that is sendorealizada since day 7 of December, with ending foreseen for day 18 desteano of 2009, was clear the indisposio of the great leaders in recognizing aimportncia of the crucial event as something to the life in the planet. Under gide dodiscurso neoliberal, all perceived in them dosapelos the demaggico tone and the submission of ambientalistas and the people to its econmicasengessadas and compromised strategies with not sustainable projects. The Climatic Conference congregated the leaders of the naesresponsveis for the emission of most of the harmful gases to the environment. Almdesses, thousand of organizations, ecological agents and ONGs mobilized to paracobrar concrete actions and joint decisions that they aim at to attenuate the effect damudana in the climate of the planet. The global heating is a reality. It must, mainly, me the management of the development of the nations of First World and to the bad job of the resources for its maintenance. Important Omais withholds such reality is the reduction of the emission of gases queprovocam the effect greenhouse.

The goal is its almost absolute reduction until the year of 2020.Conclamam very has for this event international organizations, pesquisadorese famous scientists e, in Brazil, specifically lives a great one aomovida for the WEBCITIZEN, an organization that the nip of relaesentre defends citizen and governments; exactly, what it was verified in this event. Andres Blse its associates had obtained to mobilize blogueiros of all the country for argue thematic in a scope each more including time. Recently, the Brazilian television detached the presence denosso president and its eloquente rank, making responsible next to outroslderes for the improvement of the current conditions of the climate, however possibility of the failure for the omission left frisadaa well of that more they collaborate to paratornar extreme the reality where the planet if finds. Land tremors, Tsunamis, effect devastadores on aspopulaes and ecosystems, irregular distribution of rains, storms that surpass expectations in some points of the Mundi Map, eschatological situations. While in the Europe it has heat indices quechegam the 40 centigrade degrees, in Brazil, the sosubmetidaos Southeast and the south intempries as storms. hurricanes and cyclones, eoutras areas of the country are transformed into desert. It was not enough tudoisso dosoceanos the thawing sped up of calotas polar and the consequent advance on coastal cities. Everything because of one only protagonist: the man.

It is who has to decide this now. The change has of virde each one, the society must organize, charge of its reasonable controllers aesconcretas and. The health of the planet demands this of each one. De&#039 is not treated; ' to improve for who comes depois' ' yes to prevent worse in NOW. While the governing of other nations make tourism politician, let us make each one what it fits in them. It takes care of of its garbage! It does not buy furniture wooden not certified! It does not vote in corrupt! It does not wait that world moves without its contribution! Apie the actions of ambient education of its school or daescola of its son!

The Values

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The lies that we can take by the societies of the past, disclose to us importance to it to the ambient planning ' ' a time that one of the difficulties for the protection of natural ecosystems is in the existence of the differences of the values and the importance of the same ones between individuals of different cultures or of partner-economic groups that play distinct functions, in the social plan in this ambientes' '. The linguistic diversity is to ' ' language of ouro' ' , not only in a report of idiomatic variations. (HEVIA, 2007, P. 31-32). An ambient education involves cultural questions that for its you see readily was absorbed by these groups, that an excellent chance for the development of ambient knowing constitutes. (PINK, 2007, P.

27). One recognizes it importance of if carrying through studies of ambient education in local communities, in order to manage the sustainable development of this region. ambient education is permeada in the different curricular contents and the different social and ecological phenomena. Understood, therefore, in a reflection space necessarily to interdisciplinar. If to consider the conditions of life of a population that lives the edges of the social advances, extracting its sustenance of the nature without the necessary conditions for an exploration of the nature in sustainable way, requires an educative intervention that the local culture respects and the conditions of learning of the citizens that will be party to suit to be unchained. The developments of as the individual know are capable to classify and to compare, to seriar initial instruments for the understanding of the world, being understood emergenciais problems appeared between the man and the natural world, inside of the civilization process. Perhaps the interatividade between pupil and environment in the learning process, can contribute for the popular awareness how much the construction of the citizenship in defense of the environment, of biological diversity and of life conditions more joust.