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We can, however, to reduce this production reusing, whenever possible the materials you recycle. It is the same case with

Industrial Revolution

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The value added in the forest industry increases about 20% in 2050 in comparison with the habitual scene business-oriented. The


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This subject became to stronger in 2004 with the enactment of the Federal Law in the 10.098. Nowadays, this discussion

Development And Environment

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Rubens Person of Barros. The unbalanced consumption of the natural resources, without preocupaocom the future generations makes with that each

Ecology or Geology?

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Raul Saints (They are Joo of the Paraso/BA September of 1989) Very has commented itself regarding the last days of

Conference of Copenhagen

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In the Conference of Copenhagen – COP-15 that is sendorealizada since day 7 of December, with ending foreseen for day

The Values

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The lies that we can take by the societies of the past, disclose to us importance to it to the

United Nations

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More known as Brundtland report, it defines sustainable development as the development that takes care of to the necessities of