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Generalities and implications to the extent that management will enter the contributions that bequeathed us East through their teachings, especially all those that favour the awakening, be attentive, while we remain in is East flat, will obtain basic knowledge to properly manage our energy potential, know we interrelate, and sobe any autoconocernos, so that everything that we undertake is achieved, especially knowing the opportunity of life that we have been given, making correct use of meditation. Meditation involves mental relaxation without having to concentrate on anything, i.e. leave blank mind completely. There are those who use a mantra or keyword that causes a vibration in your mental pronunciation. This mantra should be repeated mentally repeatedly until dispel thoughts that come to us without stopping. When they invade us thoughts of any kind, we again use the mantra. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit New York Life . It is suggested that it is highly recommended that you prepare the room conveniently, Dim light, without noise, put incense and as a person relaxing music can help a lot, although it is not essential.

But it is also possible to meditate without the mantra and achieve the same results. Points out, that the basic requirements of meditation are: stable and with the trunk and head erect posture. Move as little as possible and do it with awareness and slowness when unavoidable. Paused breathing, if possible by the nose. Effort conscious and well directed, correct motivation. for-patients-with-mild-or-moderat/’>Wendy Holman. Conscious attention, discipline directed towards the support of meditation. Unshakeable equanimity.

Meditating learn to meditate. The key to success is the assiduous practice. If not you can meditate all the days, it is suggested to do it at least two days a week. Meditation is a source of mental calm, clarity and harmony. It is also said that meditation is the path where the new States of consciousness or evolutionary States open to the sincere seeker of eternal truth, where the chakras or energy centers are awakened as petals of Lotus or a rose.