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Stadium Seats And VIP Seats

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Stadium seats and VIP seats in sports venues and arenas not only in the VIP or business area is now taken on a comfortable seating: in addition to the simple Stadium seat, the range is great: so also seating with heated seats are offered in soccer stadium, arenas and multi function halls in addition to the simple bucket seat. Not only the upcoming World Cup 2010 can be called in South Africa as an example of a modern stadium seating at public viewing events also offered mobile and flexible platforms solutions. Around the stadium seat installation are several considerations: appropriate questions may arise regarding the capacity, optimal utilization, the architecture of the stadium as well as the available escape routes. Stadium world informed in the next topic special seats & stands\”around the seating in the stadium and the arena. So, the emphasis is placed on material-related properties and the capacity of various products; the aesthetics also plays an important role at the stadium seat.

Comfort is therefore not only for the VIP seat in the foreground. The topic special Stadium world is a comprehensive and free, that provide basic knowledge and gives important advice. It offers operators, associations and organisers\”the informative and richly illustrated introduction to the topic of seats. The world of stadium special seats & stands\”will appear in the May/June 2010. The offer of the different companies in this area is extensive: Camatic about provided the seating of the Melbourne rectangular in the construction stage. For 31,500 seating was installed seats of the model alpha. The Czech company Kovostal mounted 1.841 seats as well as 192 VIP seats, however, in the Olympic Hall in Munich. Visually the same modules of the original seating, but were applied in modern design. In the Polish Gdynia, a new Rugby stadium was built over the last four years. Forum seating provided the bucket seat of brand for Omega high black; the stadium seat corresponds to the guidelines of FIFA and UEFA.