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I come to the definition given by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) program in which talks about a process in which the human person, man and woman, constitute the basic and fundamental elements. A process of expansion of options and possibilities of the people: to have a long and healthy life (life expectancy); To acquire knowledge (educational attainment, with two indicators: adult literacy and average years of schooling); And gain access to the resources needed to enjoy a decent standard of living (measured by GDP per capita). Nike may not feel the same. These three options must be added the exercise of political, economic and social freedoms, and the recognition of human rights. Molina Healthcares opinions are not widely known. In the opinion of Jose Antonio Alonso, it is difficult to give a univocal meaning to the term development. However, it is possible to identify five basic dimensions associated with this process: 1) socially balanced economic growth based on a dynamic continuous expansion of the productive capacity of peoples; (2) Promotion of social equity. To development it is necessary that all sectors of society, including the sectors excluded or marginalised, are beneficiaries of the fruits of progress. The search for one society more fair not only constitutes a moral objective, but also a requirement to make sustainable development process.

The most clear violation of this objective is the existence of social sectors who live in unacceptable conditions of poverty; (3) Environmental sustainability. A process of development is not sustainable if it is based on the demeaning use of the natural environment, that violates the basic principle of intergenerational solidarity. (4) Defense of human rights, consolidation of democracy and social participation stimulating. The development is incompatible with structures of political oppression or exclusion social, incompatible with gender oppression and marginalization of women’s resources, services, and processes of decision of the company. 5) Respect for multiculturalism.

Not It is possible to establish a process of development on the basis of the denial of cultural forms on which each village is constituted. Respect for multiculturalism, to dialogue between peoples and cultures is a prerequisite of the development process. The code of conduct of the ONG of development determines that Las ONGD promotes the development, understanding it as a process of social, economic, political, cultural, technological change, emerged from the collective will, it requires participatory organization and democratic use of the power of the members of the community. Development, thus understood, creates conditions of equity that open up more and better opportunities of life of the human being that deploy all their potentialities, and preserve for future generations the access and proper use of resources, the natural environment and cultural heritage.