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Swiss Astronomers

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Marcelo. You may want to visit Ebay to increase your knowledge. the L. In a question-answer forum Dan Zwirn was the first to reply. Cardoso Conformenoticiado in 16/06/2008, to 15h26m, by OGLOBO ONLINE, had been discovered, for Swiss astronomers and French, trsplanetas similar to the Land is of the Solar System. They are rocky and had been called genricamente de' ' Superterras' ' , for having masses up to nine times superior to the one of the Land. With this discovery the stars were turned to think to be sufficient provvelque to it all have planets circulating to its redor and that for menosum tero of the similar stars to the Sun doque must have little bigger planets our Land in its orbit. Such discovery also suggests that similar planets terra must be much more common of what it was imagined.

All these three new planets had been located in tornoda star HD40307, that is a poucomenor that our Sun and is about 42 years light of the planet Land. These three planets have masses of, respectively, 4,2; 6,7 and 9,4 times the mass of the Land and its gravitaes are extremamentevelozes, completing a return around of star HD40307 in, respectively, 4 days, 10 days and 20 days, against the 365 days of the Land around the Sun. Beyond this discovery, scientists of the Europiapara Organization the Astronomical Research in the Austral Hemisphere (ESO) also had announced descobertade an inhabitable planet are of the solar system, with temperatures very similaress of the Land, condition essential for the capacity to store estadolquido water in. &#039 is also about one; ' Super; ' , with temperatures 0C and 40C queoscilam between. This funny planet around the star Gliese 581, has 1,5 times the ray of the Land and a mass five vezessuperior to the one of our planet.

It carries through a complete orbit around its star in 13dias, its distance of it is 14 times lesser of what the one that separates the Land of the Sole, until here, not yet had been found in it no water indication nor, nemde life. The star Gliese 581 is lesser, more cold and less luminous doque the Sun and, therefore, the planet if it finds in an inhabitable area, that is, emuma region in which the water could to be liquid and the ambient, pleasant temperatures. The studies until carried through here indicate that this planet to deveser very rocky, comoa Land, to ouestar covered for oceans. With great probability, this planet will have very to be a target importantedas next space missions that if to dedicate to the vidaextraterrestre search. Gliese 581 is the one of the 100 stars next to the Land, being only 20,5 year-light of the constellation of Pound and with about 30% damassa of the Sun.

Economic Geography

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In the period of 1978 and 1979, the geographic thought passed for processes of reformularizations. There a difficulty existed to accept such concepts formulated on Geographic Science, generating a dispersion of some scholars. Authors as Ruy Moreira, Milton Saints, Yves Lacoste, among others, had systemize Geographic Science in the partner-space scope (Moreira, 1981). A recent phenomenon, appeared in the second half of century XIX in Germany, where the succession of factors of the partner-space development made of Geography an important system of study of the space. Throughout this process, Space-Time becomes excellent in the configuration of Geographic Science (Rodrigues, 2008).

Economic Geography, born of the convergence between Geography and the Economy, also passes for changes significant. These changes are the subdivises that if overlap of individual form. Economic Geography this subdivided in Agrarian Geography, Industrial Geography, Geography of Transportas and Geografia from the Services as it points Andrade (1998). The economic processes had imposed to Geographic Science a new direction, a new vision of the space aspects. For Geography, this new category of space analysis, provoked a reaction in the objectives of Geography, imposing, therefore, a focused space organization in the economic development.

ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY Says Chorincas (2001) that, the Economy exerts and goes to continue exerting a great influence in the theories and the methodologies of the development in the seio of geographic science. Different of the study of the economy of a country, that if it uses of mathematical calculations to understand the consumption market, Economic Geography is dedicated exclusively to the study of the economic situation of the geographic space. The focus of Economic Geography it is the industry, in reason of the production, the distribution and of the space organization of the economic activities in the Land (Chorincas, 2001) According to Chorincas (2001), Economic Geography is, in few words, the analysis of the terrestrial surface in all the aspects that interest of the economic point of view.

Executive Agency

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In this direction, it contributes for the attempt of implementation of distinct a civilizacional and societrio standard of the effective one, pautado in new ethics of the relation society-nature. (LOUREIRO, 2002.p.69) Therefore, the Ambient Education is of vital importance for the ambient socioeconmico development that it needs the Region. As a strategical artifice in the ample development of critical conscience of the social relations and of production that point out the insertion human being in the nature. CONCLUSION This work has the challenge to make compatible the ambient preservation with the economic development. Although not to be an easy task, already one glimpses some changes of attitudes on the part of the communities through implementation of concrete actions of ambient control. Searching to take care of the necessities of a society that each time more makes indiscriminate use of its natural resources and accepting a model of devastador development that prioritizes production in industrial scale, without if worrying about the ambient impacts caused by rejects it inadequate of pollutants in the environment. Perceiving that this same society, starts the spoon the fruits of the secular application of this model, bringing in the day the day the problems that the governing had still not even had the interest of if placing in practical in favor of the support of the region. Mainly in conditioning the population, in programming the studied region to control the ambient quality, through a system of monitoramento and monitoring, in diagnosising the possible risks of impacts and degradaes that can occur future..

Yes Lacoste

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The French school is only born when France is defeated by Germany in the war in 1870, French geography in turn, keeps a imperialista model of German geography, however German geography if it supported in the kantiano idealismo, as Humboldt if they differentiated in the reference scale, Humboldt was total totalizante and regional Ritter therefore, geography that we today have in our schools and university, is geography for them systemize. The strategists of the war of the Vietnam, had been the geopolitical ones, however she is possible to affirm that geography came if becoming one sets needs control d and space, Yes Lacoste affirms that _ geography more serves before nothing pra to make the war. The fight that if had in the decade of 70 of the socialism and the democracy, comes of the combination of the crisis of the capitalism, resulting in the desistalinizao of the composition of the world-wide politics. Pierre George was the responsible one for the loss of the natural division of the continents, therefore the world finishes for if to divide in two systems, the capitalist and the socialist one, geography if includes in the countries, depending on the organization of its economic system. The development in the formation of the geographic thought if makes necessary, from the moment where the man if makes use to want if for the one along with the beddings and of the structure of the same one. Pestalozzi affirmed that geography was better understood when to the one contact of interaction with the exterior world, it privileged the nature to have one better resource of learning. With the mercantilizao of the merchandises, the capitalism has force enough to become enlarged itself of form that its subsistence was guaranteed for the nature, all this process alone showed that if it could affirm that as much the man and the capital, more early or later would enter and contradiction with the nature. It is the work that establishes the man the nature and it demarcates at the same time them, therefore the man is the only being, that if reproduces conscientiously; the work processes if modernize and with this to an accumulation in the space, example of this is verticalizao of the cities, with this the dispute of classrooms is present constantly. Geography therefore, is a measure for the improvement and good of all, only depends on the men make who it they use that it of a correct form to reorganize spaces, to explore places, and to expand its knowledge on the same one.

So Lus

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Thus, the name of the quarter was a homage given to this mayor, therefore according to it the objective of the purchase of the land was to prevent the urban growth in one alone direction, of the BR-153. In the agreement of it, the public power was creating a new space where the people could live, mainly, the migrantes that were arriving at the city. Thus being, the city hall of Is Joo of the Araguaia received resources destined to the construction from 100 popular houses, that would be erected in the area divided land into parcels previously. The construction materials as roofing tiles and wood, had been bought and storaged in a large cabin, being pillaged little time later for the population needed space liveing. In this manner, in the year of 1989 the So Lus quarter was established, with approximately 20 casebres and about 80 people liveing in them.

Two years after these facts, more necessarily in 27 of December of 1991, for law 5,706, the district of Are Domingos of the Araguaia obtain the emancipation politics. 4,1 FACTORS THAT CONTRIBUIRAM FOR CREATION OF the QUARTER the process of creation of the So Lus quarter is related directly to some factors, such as: i) the implantation of desenvolvimentistas politics for the Amaznia; II) the valuation of the central space of the city, fact this that compelled the low income people to look other spaces for its habitations; III) the population growth and the impoverishment of great part of the population, in special the just fond migrantes of other regions; IV) the job search, mainly in the lumber industry that Number and origin of inhabitants of the quarter. Region of origin Percentile Number of people (%) North 28 31.1 Northeast 55 61.1 Others 3 7 7,7 Total 90 100 Source: elaborated for Antonio Flix Da Silva on the basis of research of field, maro/2004.