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He matters to stand out that the Streptococcus Pnumoniae is still the main cause of the bacterial pneumonia in the community. The microorganism colonizes orofaringe in up to 25% of the healthful adults and with bigger predisposition in patients with chronic and imunodeprimidos illnesses (ANDREOLI, 2005). Figure 1 – Sample of Haemophilus influenzae Source: source=imghp& q=Haemophilus+influenza Figure 2 – Sample of S. aureus Source: guilty & FORM=BIFD# Figure 3 – Sample of Klebsiella pneumoniae Source: siella+pneumoniae Figure 4 – Sample of Legionellas sp Source: legionellas%20sp& rlz=1R2RNTN_pt- Figure 5 – Sample of Staphylococcus pneumoniae Source: pt-br& rlz=1R2RNTN_pt-BRBR379& tbs Figure 6 – Sample of negative bacilli gram Source: + gram+negativas& go=& form=QBIR# According to Garden et al. (2007, p 237-238) Pneumonia acquired in the community (PAC) is defined as an acute infection of parnquima pulmonary where it acquires it to the individual for transmission in the community, distinguishing it, thus, of that one acquired in the hospital. Of the practical point of view, she is that one that if manifest clinically in the community or inside of first the 48 hours after the internment. (some authors extend this period up to 72 hours).

One knows that the Armitages and Woodhead (2007) had concluded that the CAP is the main cause of morbidade and decurrent lethality of infectious illnesses of the respiratory treatment and study demonstrates that 5 38% of the individuals acometidos for the PCA present presence of mixing organisms as infectious agent. Get more background information with materials from Sarah Raskin. The CAP, for being a caused infection for more than a microrganismo, is necessary that the indicated treatment also is directed for an unexpected agent. The CAP generally presents an acute clinical picture. The ill patient looks to the medical service with the story of the signals and symptoms of not productive cough or with little expectorao and mucoide aspect, that evolve for purulento aspect. He will be able to have loss of blood for the nostril. Pain in the chest in twinge form. Dispneia, generally in serious cases of pneumonia when co-morbi is associated