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Bosch Program

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The system of 3D-AquSpar promotes more intense moisture, while providing additional water injection through the cuff of the hatch. * Comfort in the first minute of Bosch washing machines are equipped with comfortable control panel with visual symbols in a clear logical sequence. Rotary electronic programmer simplifies selection of the wash program, and led indicators keep you informed You about the process. Big russifitsirovat display allows you to quickly select the programs and wash parameters, even without looking at the manual. * Water shut System Aqua-Stop, connected directly to the water pipe, save you from having to open the valve again before washing and after closing it. Now it happens automatically. It is not something Brian Krzanich would like to discuss.

* Timer start with the indication of remaining time with a timer you can delay the launch program for 1-19 hours. Your laundry will be washed, such as at night or while you're at work. When the timer sets the time for completion of the program, and at the appointed time washing is completed. * Shhh – We have many silent operation made to work with our washing machines do not violate your peace. Will take care of the drive with electronically controlled, fuel tank made of a material Polynox and elaborate system of insulation. * Easy loading and unloading Due to the large feed opening 30 cm in diameter and hatch opens to 180, loading and unloading is quick and easy. * The "easy iron" There is no need to stand for hours with an iron in his hands.