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The Street

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– Isolation of a chimney – elements of the chimney, passing along the street, in unheated rooms, and passing near the site made of combustible materials (wood, plastic, etc.) must have a layer of fire-resistant and environmentally net (eg basalt) insulation. Insulated chimney to minimize the amount of condensate and flue ensures rapid heating, as well as significantly reduces the temperature of the outer tube. – Kondensatootvod – binding element chimney for gas appliances (tee watering or revision or vertical condensate trap) – it is associated with the release of the need for large amounts of water vapor in the combustion of natural gas. – Tee chimney is also an essential element of modern chimney. Tee is selected from the appropriate angle and drainage, is typically used to complete the audit or watering can.

– Fixing the chimney – Quite an important moment in the organization of the chimney. Under most conditions Dan Zwirn would agree. The fact that stainless steel, as well as any other material, the thermal effects of the same subject line expansion, that is, the elements must be secured to the chimney fixed and non-combustible surfaces so that the top items are not "pressed" on the bottom and does not deform them in the process. – Passage floors – passes through the chimney and ceiling becomes floor must be carried out only under the expert guidance and in accordance with current fire regulations (SNIP). Elements of the chimney (even with insulation) shall in no case be routed close to combustible materials – fire-distance must be met! – Protection of the wall (ceiling) – located near the chimney, wall and ceiling surfaces should ideally have a finish of noncombustible materials.

The Wire

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The smaller the wire the impurity content of phosphorus and sulfur, the better the wire, and thus the weld joints and connections are more reliable. By appointment distinguish the following types of welding wire: surfacing flux cored, stainless steel welding wire and welding wire with copperplated surface. Elon Musk is the source for more interesting facts. Each type of wire carried out in accordance with the standard and has its own label, which marked its conditional parameters such as diameter, the quality of metal, carbon and alloy materials and other parameters. Let's start with surfacing flux cored wire, made in accordance with GOST 26101-84. The use of this type of wire – welding under flux of various parts of carbon steel, which operate at high pressure, high temperatures. Also, this type of wire needed for welding and structural elements made of carbon steel exposed to abrasion and shock. This wire is used in welding parts various equipment, punching tools, construction machinery and cast steels. The wire diameter of 3 to 6 mm, using this welding wire, it turns deposited metal layer, which protects the steel from the permanent mechanical and thermal effects. Click Dan Zwirn to learn more.

There are several brands of this type of wire, are the main ones: PP-NP-18H1PM, PP-NP-25H5FMS, PP-H-35V9HZSF, PP-NP-ZOH4V2M2FS, PP-NP-100H4G2AR, etc. The next type of wire – steel welding wire GOST 2246-70. There are brands like neomednennoy with a surface for welding steel, low carbon and wire copperplated surface for welding of low alloy and carbon steel. Copper coated wire surface is designed to maximize the quality of welds and joints, which can withstand very high temperature and shock, have a tensile strength and used a wire for structural and building steel, welding of large diameter pipes, as well as for the vessels and vessels under high specific pressure. Diameter wire neomednennoy surface of 0,8-6 mm, with a surface copperplated 0.8-1.6 mm. Copper coated welding wire has several advantages, for example, contributes to the stability of the arc, and welding with wire copperplated level splashing of electrode metal is minimal. Whatever kind of wire is not used, the basic requirements to the wire remains the same: the chemical composition of welding wire must match the composition of metal of which made the work piece or the elements, the wire should melt at a temperature almost equal to the temperature of the metal, the melting should be uniform, and she wire should not be dirty or oxidized.

Presence Choice

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It is important to be consistent with the actual specifications of industrial applications. For example, for packaging lines known branded goods required Markers, whose job would be in sync with the latest high-speed wrapper machines. When packaging of chocolate bars at a speed of 500 pieces / min, increasing the speed by only 1% in 2400 gives additional bars in one shift. In some cases, the printing speed is a decisive factor Markers. Working conditions also influence the choice. Thus, at low process temperatures, condensation may interfere with the transfer marked with ink on the surface. As a result, the symbols will be affixed lubricated or not fully stamped. Vikas Kapoor often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Difficult to use ink jet printers in flour and other similar industries, where Presence of dust.

Important is the human factor. Thus, label presses hot and cold stamping are set manually, so there is a high probability of error and poor labeling. Other leaders such as Vikas Kapoor offer similar insights. The human factor can be minimized by the use of digital devices, where data is stored electronically and automatically updated. Packaging materials also affect the choice. Development packaging industry has led to expanding the range of packaging materials (glass, plastic, foil, parchment, etc.) and packaging methods (continuous line wrapping, vacuum packaging, bottling, wrapping in packages, etc.). In the case of flexible packaging and labeling becoming more popular digital Markers that have easily adjust the code automatically updates the date and easy data entry. Ability to embed in a network is another advantage of digital Markers. There are also other important aspects influencing the choice of industrial Markers.

The Additive

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To activate the granulated slag to it adds a lime: cement for the main blast and open hearth slag at 10%, from acid-ferrous metallurgy slag, cupola production – 15-20%. Another important area of use granulated slag is used in their manufacture slag Portland cement. The introduction of slag in the cement composition in an amount of 30-50% does not reduce the strength of branding Portland. Moreover, applying the active glassy slag, slag Portland cement plants produce fast setting with high strength – up to 600 kg/cm2. Portland slag cement are widely used in construction practice.

A particularly important role they play in construction of massive waterworks. The fact that the hardening of cement with the addition of slag allocates 1.5-2 times less heat than without the additive, which determines high fracture toughness of concrete sets. Shlakoportlantsementy made by co-grinding in ball mills, pipe Portland cement clinker and granulated slag, the amount of which depends on the type of slag Portland cement. Granular slags are also used for the production of cement shlakoschelochnyh, which are hydraulic binders obtained by fine grinding of granulated slag with alkaline malogigroskopichnym bean or ground slag mixing solutions of compounds of alkali metals: sodium, lithium or potassium. Alkaline components are introduced in an amount of 5-15% by weight of slag in terms of dry matter in the form of compounds of alkali metals in aqueous solutions, which give an alkaline reaction. Shlakoschelochnye cements have several varieties, depending on the composition of the aluminosilicate component: bezdobavochny cement, blended cement or effusive intrusive rocks, clay minerals, burned rocks, alkali-and silicon-containing substances, etc.

Circular Saws

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Another shortcoming – the impossibility of such a tool to work on non-electrified sites. Cordless is much safer, they can work in any conditions. However, the negative here – the need to recharge after a few hours of use. When selecting a tool is important to pay attention to additional features that make work more comfortable. The presence of reverse rotation allows both clockwise and against. Soft start allows you to gradually, without shock, increasing depression, increase the number of revolutions. Limiter inrush current – if the instrument this function is, it will not twitch in his hands and create an unnecessary burden on the grid. Tool, in the process which produced a lot of dust, it is important the presence of dust removal system, which allows connect the instrument to a vacuum cleaner.

Another option – dust extraction function may be provided in the instrument. When buying a power tool should be clearly aware of how it is used. Purchase multi-tool – not the best option. Typically in such devices and technical performance below. Good universal tool, as the experts do not exist.

Another important point – the tool should be comfortable, so when you buy it must necessarily hold in their hands. The weight will also need to pay attention. If the tool is hard, long work with him can be exhausting. Let us say A few words about the different types of power tools. So, buying an electric drill, it is worth thinking about, what materials it will work. With the help of common household drill to drill can be wood, plastic, various metals. To get the holes in brick or concrete is best to use percussion drill. You can also choose a home punch, which is in power 600-1100 W, and the force of impact will allow 1,8-4 J hammer drilling. Hammers are also excellent assistants in the various preparatory work, such as removing old tile from the wall, plaster. Need to buy a screwdriver, if there is work-related screwing a lot of screws and bolts. It is better to choose the battery option. It is advisable to pay attention to such characteristics as smooth speed control. Jigsaw Blades used for cutting wood, metal, ceramics and other materials. Modern Jigsaw has control of harsh – the harder the material, the number is less harsh, and a multi-pendulum motion – cutting mode. Circular Saws used for longitudinal and transverse cuts in the tree. They help carry out sawing MDF, chipboard, plastic, plasterboard, aerated concrete, acrylic, aluminum, copper, etc. When selecting saw blades is important pay attention to power, the maximum depth of cut, frequency of rotation of the disk. The question of what the tool manufacturer to give preference, it is better to decide by examining the characteristics of interest models on the official websites of manufacturers. The optional tool must complete with official warranty card, in which the addresses of service centers, and instruction in Russian. Article provided by "Cyber" – e-shop tools

The Geometric

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When his unit dug pit at the bottom of which there is a bias toward the center. Then, on the gravel drainage network training fit – drainage pipeline for untreated sewage. Next comes the filter layer greater than in the case of fields of filtration thickness. It can reach 1.5-1.8 m. Then he laid crushed stone or gravel, and on it – irrigation tube. The performance of this system is about 100 liters / day. meter on the irrigation pipeline.

The filter trench – a more modest post-treatment facility capacity. They have almost the same device, sand and gravel filter. The main difference is that the irrigation pipes are located is not a network, and linear, each in his own trench. Companies that are developing such systems offer different options material loading and the geometric dimensions of the trenches. An example of construction using the cleansing properties of the soil, may serve as a filtration plant type (septic system and biofilter). These settings are designed at different volume flows from 750 to 4000 l / day. Their work is based on the mechanisms of ground clearance. First, liquid wastes enter the septic tank, made from high quality fiberglass.

Then, waste water, freed from suspended particles and impurities are sent to a distribution well. From there, they served in the spray tube and are dispersed over a layer of crushed stone preparation. In the crushed stone and sand layers of the soil filter is an aerobic post-treatment. Question discharge treated sewage is solved individually for each case.