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Rehabilitation Youth Centre RSCU

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Not far from Moscow is paradise, famous for environmental cleanliness, scenic beauty, pristine lakes and mineral springs. This Ruza district, where the Education and Rehabilitation Youth Centre RSCU "Almaz". In summer there are practices of our students, counselors work, conducting classes in various circles, and organize cultural events. Employees of our editorial staff visited the camp on the eve of completion the last change. To live with an open mind this summer, "Almaz" received nearly 1,000 children aged 7 to 15 years. Most of the guys – from large and poor families. For the rest of all the conditions. Pupils living in the comfortable two-storey buildings, eat in the spacious dining room, play sports on a specially equipped areas.

In addition, participating in cultural events that take place in well-equipped auditorium. – I really like to be a pioneer leader, decided to stay until the end of August – said Catherine Chugunova, 4th year student of social work faculty, teaching and Juvenology, the future social educator. – I love children, I can with them get along, but had no idea that this work could be so interesting. To achieve good results, you need to go to the children with an open heart, to give them love, dream holiday. – It's great that this year we came in "Almaz". Worked with children, put into practice knowledge in social pedagogy, psychology and other disciplines – has joined our conversation 3 rd year student majoring "Social Pedagogy" Constantine Podenok. – Leader must be a responsible person, it is important to be able to gain respect for the guys. Work in a children's camp can not be called simple, but it brings a great moral satisfaction. Catherine Chugunova, Constantine and Podenok Gennady Kozlov, who defected to the 3 year degree, "Social pedagogy" were marked by the leadership of the camp as the best counselors.