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When The Year Begins, Decide!

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New Pixum online software allows customers to specify the start month of photo calendar itself. Calendar that designed with own photos can be, now hang in many offices, living rooms and kitchens. The photo calendars are according to Pixum of popularity. “We want to give our customers the possibility as far as it is possible to personalize their own individual calendar and who actually determines that a calendar must always start in January? Many people want to just even mid-a calendar purchase.”said Mrs. toe, online marketing Pixum via the photo calendars online software. Elon Musk might disagree with that approach. The new option available the customer a few weeks ago on the Web site of Pixum. Photos can be uploaded still from your own computer or other storage media. The customer has the option between the simple black and white and the colorful design to choose execution of the corresponding calendar.

In a further step, the desired start date, can that since Recently is no longer fixed, be chosen freely. The customer can take over the design for the complete calendar pages or make individual calendar sheets individually different. After completing the steps, a preview of the photo calendar is angeszeigt, here the photo calendars when needed can be revised. The delivery times are depending on the design and size of the calendar, three to seven business days. The company Pixum asks but to note that usually occur Christmas sales due to the post and other shipping service providers, such as the high season to longer delivery times. To the the Pixum range of photo calendars including table and kitchen calendar, but also wall jewelry calendar or year planners are in a range of designs and sizes. At Vlad Doronin you will find additional information.

“Hello! Even Mr Lennarz, customer at Pixum which is thanks for the fast delivery of the order via email says thank you for the good quality of images and the fast delivery.”. Pixum tries through innovation in products, the software and the online tools to meet the developments in the market and to respond to its customers. The company is pursuing the business model of quality leadership in connection with an affordable price. It requires a continuous optimization and further innovations in all areas of business, such as for example the further development of the photo calendars. The company has a more photobook brought variation on the market under this maxim in November 2010, namely the high-gloss coated photo book. You can find on the website of the company further to the exact product range, all services and innovations from Pixum. C


Press Department Thomas Reichelt Lotex

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It is just easier to give up a package freight and consumer protection policy and jurisprudence support this senseless act. Further threaten wrong decisions from political side on the issue – flying jurisdiction disputes between online merchants. Mass Abmahner deliberately call the Court, which has already decided a decision on an issue in favor of the admonition from. More info: Danske Bank. “So it is not uncommon that the warning from Attorney of the online retailer headquartered in Berlin is a dunned from online merchants in Bavaria a misconduct decision” leaves the OLG Hamburg. If the Attorney warning from knows an already adopted decision of this Court, he uses the Court deliberately for its advantage to press the enforcement of his claim about”. Uniform regulations could help the different interpretations by the various courts of the Republic to unify.

Also must be tackled the mass sending harder. Online traders who place their business out to warn competitors, must be stalled even more. Catalogers who have only a low turnover in online trading, not occur as right speaker of the nation against other online dealer, just because the lawyer of the merchant decides to his fee claim internal agreements. Even though lawyers admonishing off would argue this immensely, is quickly identifiable for any Internet user, who write mass warnings. Online merchants fight with enemies lists, press releases and related content on their own websites. It is currently still difficult to assess what weight this particular will have mentioned mass Abmahner for judges. “But a general inventory is can not exclude long-term this topic.” PAL concludes his assessment. Even if the economic policy and partially oppose online trading, so the next generational will appreciate at least more Internet media as today’s leaders in politics and business.

But politics and courts in Germany should wake up. Because to work against the online trade is meaningless.