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2 pears, 8 pieces of fresh or sun-dried figs, 5. soaked prunes, 1 apple (or pear), 6. 2 pears, figs or dates, a handful of (Dried in the sun), 7. dish sliced peaches, cherries or plums 8. 1 apple (or 200 grams of grapes), a dish of dates or prunes, 9. watermelon 10.

melon, 11. peaches without sugar (you can sour cream), 12. berries without sugar (you can sour cream). BREAKFAST (second, noon, your choice): 1. vegetable salad (carrots, beets, spinach), 2. salad bowl of dry cereal + + turnip 3. celery (radish) + cabbage (Chinese) + avocado 4. salad + carrots + peas 5.

a salad of sour fruit + 100 g of purified Nuts 6. vegetable salad (cauliflower, fresh corn + + Chard, Swiss cabbage leaves), 7. salad (4 rep + cottage cheese) 8. vegetable salad (spinach + nuts). DINNER (Evening, optional): 1. vegetable salad, spinach, nuts, and 2. a salad of raw fruit, apples, nuts, and 3. vegetable salad, cabbage (Chinese), avocado, 4. vegetable salad, cabbage (beet greens), nuts, 5. vegetable salad, radishes (with tops), nuts, 6. a salad of sour fruit, 100 g of the village of cheese. The following menus include vegetables, steamed, even though I do not advise to use them on a regular basis: Breakfast (first choice): 1. sweet melon 2. apple, dried figs, date plum (kaki), 3. 200 grams of grapes, 10 figs, pears, 4. melon 5. grapefruit, orange, 6. 200 g grape, date plum, prune. BREAKFAST (second in the afternoon, your choice): 1.