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New Warning From Kornmeier And Partners On Behalf Of GSDR GmbH

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Warning of the title “the disco boys – I surrender” reached us today a new warning of the firm Kornmeier and partner. “This time on behalf of GSDR GmbH. subject to the cease and desist letter is the recording I surrender” group of artists of the disco boys “. Aetna Inc. often says this. Is accused of regularly the Dunned down, have made publicly available this title on music sharing networks (so-called file sharing). In addition to the Declaration of default, the payment of a lump-sum compensation in the amount of euro 450.00 is required. We have represented Germany already several thousand warning affected and recommend: Please only once quietly breathe deeply. Although probably first of all, the amount of the claim shocks you, it is important to keep a cool head.

In most cases can be resolved the matter but at a significantly lower cost or fully resisted the demand. Please do not following error in the first excitement: cease and desist to sign and send away money on the account transfer registry call and disclose information under no circumstances should you writing engage without consulting with a lawyer. This could have in hindsight to your disadvantage. Not a declaration of discontinuance without prior legal checking should be placed. A declaration of default can have far-reaching consequences. Instruct a lawyer specialized in these areas. We inform you in a free initial consultation about your opportunities on the cease and desist letter to respond. Call it us under 07151 2095528 or via email at your lawyer Dr. Sven greets you warmly j. Muhlberger, LL.M.

Partner GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

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Without Bill there is no right to deduct invoices must contain a variety of information so it calls the sales tax law. Missing invoice information cause sales tax review or audits at a reduction of the deduction. So that you don’t fall into the before-tax trap, we have compiled in the following once again the most important billing information: name and address of the operator and of the beneficiary; Tax ID or VAT ID of the payer operator; Quantity and commercial designation of the delivery item or type and extent of other performance; Time of delivery or other performance is sufficient indication of the Calendar month in which the goods or services was executed; apply for down payment features; Pay for the delivery or other service; the attributable to the remuneration amount of tax which is separately or indicate a possible tax exemption; applicable tax rate; Date of issue of the invoice (invoice date); consecutive number with numbers or letter series or a combination, once given to the identification of the account of the issuer of the invoice (invoice number); Date to which the fee was, captured if the payment before services took place (invoice), if the time of capture is fixed and does not agree with the date of issue of the invoice; “mandatory in the cases of reversal of the Umsatzsteuerschuldnerschaft specifying the beneficiary charge ‘; in advance agreed bonuses, discounts, and discounts, if not already included in the fee. “Here is sufficient for the following example Note: there is discount or bonus agreements”; Note on two-year retention period when taxable factory supplies and services in connection with a plot; “providing credit” for invoices issued by the beneficiaries. Lease for input tax deduction is not sufficient for a deduction requires first that there is even a Bill. Without invoice no input tax deduction – this also applies to continuous services such as such as monthly rent payments. The lease in which a monthly rental fee plus turnover tax is agreed, still not enough for the input tax deduction.

Even with a continuous power, such as the rental of commercial premises, a part service is provided every month. A proper accounting for the monthly rental power exists only if the lease is supplemented by monthly payroll documents, such as through bank documents or monthly payment. Especially for irregular payments of lease to written documents needs to be supplemented, from which can be easily and clearly the temporal range of rental performance results. The stubs, no tax may be deducted. A summary list of the lessor of the rent to be paid in one year is not enough. The deduction is, however, not at risk when in a payment document VAT is not openly expressed. Note: Please make sure all your incoming and outgoing invoices if the particulars are fully included.

Only to avoid unnecessary accounting corrections, legwork, as well as disputes with their customers and the IRS.

VAT – Rules On Invoicing

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Gunter Zielinski – accountant from Hamburg informed calculations are crucial for the recognition of costs as a business expense. If certain formal requirements are not met, the deduction can be deprived even in hindsight. It is so important that each individual account is checked for correctness. What information in an invoice are mandatory, explains the tax advisor Gunter Zielinski from Hamburg. Checklist: mandatory in invoices financial administration the deductions from invoices an entrepreneur lets only if they contain the information required in sections 14 and 14a UStG. An invoice must therefore contain the following mandatory information: – the full name and the full address of the company/customers – the date of issue of the invoice – the tax or VAT identification number – the unique and sequential invoice number, the amount and the commercial designation of the object of delivery or the way the scope of the respective service – the date the Delivery or performance – the applicable tax rate or a note on tax exemption – disaggregated tax rates pay for the services, the fee for the delivery or other service, any each in advance agreed price reduction (z.B discounts, bonuses, discounts), if not already taken into account in the payment – a note provided services in connection with a plot of land to private individuals, must be made on the hold of the Bill by two years for detailed information about mandatory in bills pending the tax advisor Gunter Zielinski Hamburg at any time at the disposal. Press contact: Contact person: Gunter Zielinski – Steuerberater Rolfinckstrasse 37 22391 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 536 40-10 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 536 40-121 E-Mail: Homepage: