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If you want my money, treat me well and if do not I’ll take my money elsewhere where Yes do it. 5. High price. If your client thinks that you can meet your need with an alternative at one lower price or a cheaper substitute, it is certain that you’ll see emigrate to a large number of buyers. Be careful with your surroundings and pay attention, at all times, to what surrounds you so the price of your product is not out of the game. 6.

Obsolete features. We are in a world that evolves constantly. Thanks to the latest technology is within reach of everyone. Now, everything goes much faster. It is important that you go updating features and functionalities of your products in order to avoid that they become obsolete.

7. Increased competition. If you are operating in a sector where entry barriers are low (don’t need much capital to start, no specific knowledge is required) and yields are reasonable, the chances that you have to face a lot of competition there are many. The best way to combat competition is to differentiate yourself from them. When your product offers what others offer and has the same features, you will end up, unfortunately, fighting with prices downward. It incorporates developments, enhances the features, stay ahead of your competitors and get customers to think of it as something unique that not can nor should be compared with other alternatives. 8. Bad image. If for any reason, your company or your product is associated with a controversial fact, it is likely that that fact contaminate your image. Be careful with this type of situation because customers shy away from everything that can have negative connotations. If the case, try to solve it as soon as possible in order to cut the indentation of clients. 9. Lack of contact. In certain sectors such as consultancy, you can face the escape of customers by not maintaining a contact with your base of buyers. Imagine that you’ve completed a project for a client and short relationship with him until a new opportunity arises. Surely, the contact will cool and when that new opportunity, there will be another one that occupies your site have been cattle the confidence of your excliente when you were not. 10. Change city or death. Although it does not occupy one of the first places in this list, we must contemplate that a small percentage of customers leave you because they change their city, or simply die. At the time that analysis the causes and understand why your customers will leave may have noticed the first step to retain them. From there, you can define the most appropriate strategy to achieve that your customers remain with you for a long time. Do you want to have a profitable business? As you know that you have to do. Salvador Figueroswww.GorilMarketing.