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A Trip To Europe

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Film lectures with animal filmmaker Jens Klingebiel Monatlang traveled the Conservationalist and filmmaker and cinematographer of nature documentaries Jens Klingebiel Scandinavia. Sweden and Norway have become a second home for him. And in Sweden a recording now succeeded Jens Klingebiel, was never seen on German television. Swedish support the film makers could take on 2013 the complete birth of moose calves in best HD quality. These unique shots are among the highlights of the new film “Europe’s wild North”. The Moose is in addition to many other exciting animals and the beautiful nature of Scandinavia, the actor. Did you know what these large animals have passionate love life and Moose also left out play? If not, then can get to know new sides of elk in “Europe’s wild North”.

Learn more about the work of film makers and nature film maker Jens Klingebiel in his blog. There now are the film “Europe’s wild North” on DVD. But you can book a Conservationalist and filmmaker Jens Klingebiel also for film presentations.