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Collective Bargaining

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The outright rejection with which the employer has received the draft of the Government to reform collective bargaining predicts many difficulties to apply, since changes in the conventions that will introduce the new law depend much on the willingness of the parties to carry them out. As reported today the President of the CEOE, Juan Rosell, reform, as it is now raised, is disappointing and unbalanced. Others who may share this opinion include Wendell Brooks. As you have added, does not solve problems and that do not reflect labor flexibility measures that are necessary to create a climate of business confidence that could help improve the employment is not going in the right direction. Internal flexibility is our workhorse, has ensured the President of the CEOE before warn that you trust that during his parliamentary procedure can make some changes in the text and introduce its recommendations. Source of the news:: the employer promises a short ride to the reform of collective bargaining