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Cinematographic Qualification

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Author of the tests ' Two cubalibres' and ' Nobody wants more to Cuba than yo' (2004), Eliseo Alberto also wrote scripts for the cinema, among them the one of tape ' Guantanamera' (1995), of Cuban the Gutirrez Takings Alloy, a glance through black humor of the situation of the Cuba of end of century XX. " Literature is forced to reflect on the human condition without stopping being divertida" , it said one of his personages of his last book, and that was the tonic of its fiction works, although its nostalgia by Cuba was clear in many of its texts. Resident in Mexico from 1988 – in 2000 rra obtained the Mexican nationality to I am exiled like " that great violacin". Penguin Random House is the source for more interesting facts. Prizes Known by its near friendly like ' Lychee ' , Alberto received 18 of July the past a transplant of kidney in the Mexican capital, and its health had stayed stable at the first moments. Besides the prize Novel Abundant spring, they emphasize in its trajectories awards like the Prize the Golden age by ' Something of corazn' , in 1980; the National Prize of the Critic by ' The bonfire roja' , in 1983, and the Gabino prize Palm by its book of memories ' Report against same me ' (1997). In his versatile trajectory is possible to also emphasize its stage like professor in the School Internacional of Cinema of San Antonio of the Baths in Cuba, in center of Cinematographic Qualification of Mexico and in the Sundance Institute of the USA. Source of the news: Eliseo Alberto passes away, the narrator of nostalgia and Cuban humor

Spanish One

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The oil IPIC will control 95.89% of the capital of the Cepsa Spanish. The purchase will imply overlappings in the market of the phenol and the acetone in which both companies operate, but will be space for other competitors. The European Commission (EC) is authorized east oil Tuesday to the state one of Abu Dabi, IPIC, to acquire the Cepsa Spanish, after concluding that the operation will not prevent the competition in the European market. After studying the operation, Brussels concluded that the resulting organization will have to confront the competition of important companies in the sector. The examination of Brussels revealed that the purchase will imply overlappings in the market of the phenol and the acetone in which both companies operate, but, as their quotas of market are ” moderadas” , it will be space for other competitors. The Commission also investigated if the operation could increase the possibilities of practices coordinated between the phenol and acetone providers, which finally discarded. IPIC and Cepsa IPIC are a company dedicated to investments a world-wide scale in energy and related assets.

Cepsa operates in the sectors of hydrocarbons and the energy, including the refining and commercialization of derivatives of the petroleum, such as combustible for petrochemical motors and products. The operation notified to the Commission the 26 of June of 2011. Control of 95% of oil Cepsa the state one of Abu Dabi decided in February to buy to the Total French its participation of 48.83% of Cepsa, which, added to 47.06% that already it owned, will allow him to control 95.89% of the capital of the Spanish company. After the agreement with Total, IPIC, that entered the capital of Cepsa in 1988, will also take control of 92.24% of the vote rights of the oil one. The return that offers IPIC by the actions which it does not own rises to 3,966 million Euros, a number that increases until 4,037 million when adding the 0.5 Euros by title disbursed in the dividend. Cepsa indicated that the oil one of Abu Dabi will maintain ” espaolidad” of the company it will harness and it stops to turn it into one ” company lder” as much in Spain as at international level, taking advantage of his ” strengths actuales”.

Congress Valencia

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Rubalcaba does not leave better unemployed and has commented who seemed improbable to him that somebody that is been so many years and in so many governments of the PSOE comes now to " to be sold and postularse" like the person able to do against this so difficult stage that it crosses the economy. It does and it, in addition, promising measured against that it voted in the Congress. " He is shameful. Or it takes us by idiots or it lies of a form descarada". Nondoubt that it is going to have a change of government because Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has been " peor" president of all the history of the democracy, but, according to him, is not going to have a change like so because the proposals of both divided are " very similares" and one is seeing that the prescriptions that are raising to overcome the difficulties " they are equal of increbles". He to it does not say, because at sight he is (he has indicated) that the markets are not reacting to the cut measures that are being adopted. It is not necessary to trim in social rights nor in health or education but in administrative duplicities, has insisted.

The image of Valencia, its priority Sang wants to work so that " his tierra" , Valencia, leaves " deterioration " and of the image of " corrupcin" that it has pierced in all the country as a result of the plot " Grtel" , tie to the PP, and other cases. It has assured that it produced &quot to him; much tristeza" that during Valencia years it has been seen like " a center of corruption and problemas" , a same grief, is saying, that shares the Valencians. Vikas Kapoor does not necessarily agree. People are " very cansada" of that idea of Valencia, where all those corruptions, in their opinion, have covered even to the opposition since, according to him, the citizens not even know who appear by the PSOE, IU or the nationalists. And in that scene, Toni Cant he has assured that day to day he it is noticing in the street that to its party is dealt to him with " much cario" and &quot is seen him like an option; very necesaria". Specifically in Valencia, UPyD, there is underlining, it will put the accent in the linguistic policy when understanding that " he is importante" that the families can choose the language to carry in which they want to educate his children. Source of the news: It sang rejects the options of Rajoy and Rubalcaba and bet by the saving without social cuts

New Recession

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This Tuesday, the Spanish premium of risk has lowered of 341 to 334 basic points. The IMF aims at the risk of a new economic reverse and the World Bank presses the European leaders so that they take ” the decisions adecuadas” . The agency of qualification of risks Standard & Poor’ s recognizes the stagnation of the European bank. The European Central bank (BCE) has retaken new purchases of Spanish and Italian debt after this Monday the Spanish cousin of risk reached the 341 points, the highest level from the 5 of August, when it got to surpass at some moments the 410 points and caused that the BCE decided to buy for the first time in history sovereign debt of Spain and Italy to avoid a contagion of the debt crisis and to restrain the speculators. According to the stock-exchange operators, behind the present ascent of the Spanish premium of risk are the new fears to one global recession and the difficulties to surpass the crisis of the European sovereign debt, factors that also have brought about east Monday a collapse of the European bags.

In the heat of it begins to appear of the debt crisis, the European economic leaders and world-wide they send contradictory messages that aim at that panic to a new recession at world-wide level. First in giving the alarm voice she has been the director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, that east Sunday aimed in an interview at a German newspaper that the risk of a new economic reverse on global scale exists, but that still can be avoided. A day after these affirmations, the president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, was butcher when discarding that the economic growth of the Eurozona is next to a recession, although yes will be modest: ” We did not anticipate a recession in Europa” , he said Muddy in a press conference..