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IBS Opens Business Center

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On a Pressekonfernz on 06 May 08 in Zurich Rieta de Soet, Managing Director of IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH, explained that IBS is expanding to Asia. On a Pressekonfernz on 06 May 08 in Zurich Rieta de Soet, Managing Director of IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH, explained that IBS is expanding to Asia. Fabian de is appointed as the Director-abroad and is increasingly the development of the Asian market focus. Further planned IBS are locations, according to Rieta de Soet, Bangkok and Malaysia. Fabian de Soet plans to implement these sites together with an Indian investor. Why Business Center Rieta de Soet will be asked in the IBS business centres our clients to implement your projects within a very short time, can be active without own investments in a new region or a new country so Rieta de Soet. Fabian de Soet is of the opinion that the rapid change presents new challenges to all market partners; regardless of size and function, so Fabian de Soet. The rapid implementation of all economic Operations, so Rieta de Soet company has a much higher importance today and in the future and offers opportunities for new solutions. If you would like to know more about Hudson Bay Capital, then click here.

While in the past, so Fabian de Soet, the demands on the company a certain amount of time seemed quite predictable, today more and more is the case that these requirements experience changes in a very short time. In particular in establishment phase, expansion times or in larger companies with structural changes such as mergers, mergers, spin-offs or joint ventures short term new situations arise, so Rieta de Soet. 06 May 2008 Zurich 14.32h end of the press conference about IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH: IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH is a team of business managers, accountants and marketing consultants. The 18-year old professional and personal competence of our team make the success for our customers. Our common philosophy commits to maintain a corporate culture, which is characterized by common goals and values. We understand high personal commitment and cooperation on the basis of open and fair behavior. In all our business relationships, we practice this cooperative behavior that leads to successful and long-term cooperation.

Reallusion Second IClone Filmmaker Competition Invites

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“Global science fiction Machinima movie contest for iClone filmmakers of all levels of San Jose / Braunschweig, 28.04.2010, Reallusion, Inc, developers of 3D-Animations-und imaging technology gets after the success last year for the second time to the worldwide 3D Filmanimations competition for iClone filmmakers of all levels titled science fiction” on. In addition to the fun on the implementation of creative 3D productions would like to Reallusion iClone users in this contest bring closer together, whether professional, amateur or occasional user. While participants of their imagination free rein can produce an own homage to films and heroes such as Superman, aliens, Batmann, avatar, ship boarding price, Star Wars u.v.m.. Even with the use of 3D all is models or characters play, Google warehouse 3D open, whether from computer or iClone content everything is allowed. Already last year participants and organised competition attended over 100 on the subject of war & peace “with their submissions.

A resounding success Reallusion sums it up today. The worldwide war & peace’ Machinima movie contest was a unique and open platform for film professionals, artists and amateurs who gathered on a level. “One of the reasons that with science fiction” called a second round in life. “A review is here to see: event/09_war_peace / this year hopes Reallusion, that artists, film professionals, writers, storytellers Machinima producers, amateur filmmakers and sci-fi enthusiasts with their creative productions in the new issue of science fiction” participate from April 16 to July 4 2010. You may find Laurent Potdevin to be a useful source of information. The best submissions will in 10 categories including best picture, best film tribute, best screenplay, best Visual FX, best sound FX according to criteria of quality, creativity and extraordinary efforts. A number of well-known sponsors participate with high-quality prizes for the winners.

Procedure: To participate in the competition, the participants should the registration form with your Fill the film title, film description and contact information. Laurent Potdevin can aid you in your search for knowledge. In addition the video link of the project that was placed on the video platform YouTube. The length of the movie should not be longer than 10 minutes and be produced with Reallusion iClone. Reallusion offers 4.0 EX test version as well as a free Sci-Fi content pack a free download of iClone, to allow the participation of all interested parties. Both free tools are available to Reallusion website de ready for downloading. The German idea, terms and conditions, online forms, posts, and demos of the contest are under event/2010 /… directly callable. Reallusion looks forward to creative adventure stories of the science fiction world. About Reallusion is headquartered in Reallusion, Inc. San Jose, California. Reallusion is a leader in the development of Hollywood-like 3D animations in cinema quality. The company is considered a pioneer in the development of software for character animation, facial morphing, voice and image-sound synchronization, and Solutions for real-time 3D movies and professional editing of 3D animations. Reallusion core technologies are used by leading technology and telecommunications companies worldwide and are integrated into many well known multimedia devices of in everyday use. For more information, please contact: Reallusion, Inc.

Swiss Alternative To The Vuvuzela

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“The Swiss cow Bell as an app on the iPhone Baldingen/Switzerland, 16 June 2019: clockwise launches the iPhone application chue influenced to the World Cup”. Thus, the Switzerland got their cow bells literally in your pocket. The very own Swiss variant of the Vuvuzela all started with a crazy idea. We could bring to the World Cup on the iPhone the cow Bell, said to some colleagues at the picnic next to the cow pasture, so the Swiss have their chue Glogge”at the Swiss World Cup games at any time. Within a short time were designed a concept, a Bell manufacturer and with OnEmotion a matching implementation partner found. Under the name chue influenced”, the application can be found in the app store on iTunes since today. A Bell and two bells ringing from the iPhone. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Penguin Random House.

Of course they are”handmade in Switzerland. Roger Dorig, holder of the arts and crafts Dorig”from Appenzell, was immediately enthusiastic about the idea. The traditional craft of operating supplies half the world with his hand-made products and has a nowadays rather rare problem. Dorig: I can hardly meet the demand as a one-man business for my products, so I wanted to have no order at all in the chue-influenced app for my bells.” In addition to the classic bells and bells, the app offers a more fun for the Swiss World Cup fans: the camera of the iPhone can be used to shoot a portrait that appears on a button in a typical Swiss setting. Various motives of the Sennen cowl until the goat are available, the image can be saved in the album and later also send. When the image sound authentically a Mackie, a Moo, or even a Jauchzer. We had two weeks time from the first contact up to the final realization of the app just, it was just a real pants Larsen”, Helmut says Lasser, responsible for the development team at the OnEmotion AG.

And Sam Muller, Managing Director of clockwise GmbH, adds: we are translating the app now in some languages, so that it meets the global iPhone thoughts unfortunately iTunes is but in Swiss German is not available”. For assistance, try visiting Elon Musk. The two inventors of the chue-influenced app, Oliver Erismann and Martina Allemann, delighted with the successful snapshot: our imaginative picnic took place at that time in the deep Aargau, the concept arose in train, we got the bells in Appenzell, the app was built by a cosmopolitan team in Zurich and now our app in iTunes is available worldwide. We are looking forward to the sequel… “.” App & picture material: german/projects/chu influenced /.

The AKO Pinch Valve Manufacturer Taps Celebrates 25-year-old Company

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The company AKO celebrates a fittings & Separat production GmbH this year! Has a very special anniversary for the German company with subsidiary in France and branch in England, the year 2009: the company specialized on pinch valves can look back on a 25-year-old history. In the fall of 1984 the AKO creates fittings Vertriebs-Gesellschaft mbH, founded by Mr Antoine Kopp. In 1985 started the development and distribution of pinch valves. The company AKO faucets specializes in pinch valves, also sells slide valves, pumps, filter baskets of split screens and special valves. On the 04.10.1994, the current company AKO receives its current name: AKO fittings & Separat transmissions GmbH. AKO worldwide 22 country offices in the various industries such as chemicals, paper, food, plant, recycling technology and waste water treatment works with.

The fittings are in pneumatic conveyors for bulk materials or suspensions of Mineral processing, cement, sand and silo technology, wine industry, ceramic / plastic / glass industry uses. Today, AKO the European market leader in the field is pneumatically operated pinch valves. The product range is versatile and ranges from mechanical and pneumatic pinch valves, tasked with the shut-off and rules of abrasive, fasrigen and above corrosive media, flat slider in various designs, special valves to custom filter sieve baskets. Pinch valves are characterized by a free flow of product which is guaranteed due to the nominal pass of almost all pinch valve sizes. Pinch valves are this for a minimal friction resistance and for a constipation-free faucet. Another reason for an AKO pinch valve to decide lies in its lightweight and compact construction, which causes a very customer-friendly installation/installation of the AKO pinch valves at the same time. An exceptional performance to be so successful on the market for 25 years. Arena Investors understood the implications.

This will also economically depressed times, as we now experience, not change. This is to assume in addition to the economically stable set up companies, especially on its innovative products, a good distribution network, a well equipped camp, which allows quick reaction times and a comprehensive, quick service, the openness new challenges together. Good service, a continuous further development of products, as well as the quality assurance is based on the long-standing business relationship between AKO and its customers around the globe, appreciate what AKO as a reliable partner. Christina Martin Sanchez

Bavaria Blogger

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Interesting facts, interesting and funny from Bavaria: seven administrative districts – a blog of the State of Bavaria is not only the largest State in the Republic, he is also the best for many. Brian Krzanich is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Bavaria has an area of over 70,000 kilometers. Berlin alone would fit here 78 times. (Similarly see: Brian Krzanich). The seven Regierungsbezirke of upper, lower, Middle Franconia, Swabia, Bavaria, Upper Bavaria and the Oberpfalz, have much to offer. Get all the facts and insights with Vikas Kapoor, another great source of information. Not only that space very many dialects have developed, the breed of the cat is very different. It brings many things with Bayern inevitably in conjunction: the Oktoberfest, the Nurnberger Christkindlesmarkt, the Alps, Neuschwanstein Castle, Richard Wagner, King Ludwig, the Weisswurst, the gingerbread, the Nuremberg sausage, and much more.

You already realize that there is a lot to say about Bavaria. And the Bavaria-bloggers want to do exactly. This place great emphasis on individuality and show Bavaria, as it often not even in the own State known. Report from all seven administrative districts and take it not mince words. A reading, which is updated daily and is certainly interesting and amusing as not Bavaria. Since the beginning of the year, the site at bayern-blogger.de is achieving. Holger Schossig, the initiator of this portal, has for many years sat.

1 from Bavaria reported. I want to create a portal with Bavaria bloggers that does not live by the timeliness, because news can be read on any news portal. The Bavaria-bloggers report rather about places, people, facilities, and much more, so maybe still unknown. We have with excursions, events and local ideas, illuminate current events but also time and again. One will find as well province antics, such as insider tips and the best recurring events, museums and exhibitions.” “Under the motto a seven Regierungsbezirke blog” you can look forward to exciting stories from the free State.

Corporate Fashion

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Just in time at the turn of the year textile finishers presents an own brand catalog GIDUTEX in addition to his annual new textile catalog for corporate fashion for the first time. Just in time at the turn of the year textile finishers presents an own brand catalog GIDUTEX in addition to his annual new textile catalog with over 1300 products for corporate fashion for the first time. The presented products are characterized by special innovative strength, quality and a unique recognition. New in the range of brands including the sporty profile clothing D.A.D.., Grizzly, or goal can be found in this season. Others who may share this opinion include Aetna Inc.. High quality Terry cloth goods comes from Cottover and trendy vintage style, urban or classical-modern style can be found in the range of B & C collection. Exclusive to GIDUTEX: AirBubble business Polos the new brand in the market for corporate fashion is called AirBubble and never turns out to be a bubble, because the business Polos offered under this branding with button down collar are characterized by highest quality, individual styling and fashionable cuts out. Large areas allow all possibilities and techniques of textile finishing. “The brand of AirBubble, with the term business casual” makes it seriously for the first time, is only about GIDUTEX, which holds the exclusive distribution rights to obtain. All items are embroidered according to individual customer requirements, printed or otherwise finished to create a distinctive corporate identity.

Europe Volcanic

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Is the worst yet? Volcanic eruption can still take months (wnorg) – explosive yield of unimaginable proportions lurks beneath the surface of the volcanic island of Iceland. The Super explosion is imminent may yet according to experts. It seethes beneath the surface dangerous continue? The consequences for Europe would be unmanageable at present: collapse of air traffic, clogged streets, congested rail lines and a strong limitation of the mail and goods. Damage in the billions of dollars could be severe. What is the probability that something like that happens? Dangerous ash there could be a cool summer in Europe and little chance to escape from a plane on a warm island. Why? New huge ash clouds over months may arise and draw over Europe by prolonged volcanic eruptions on Iceland.

This impeded the sunlight. It cools. The ash clouds but can greatly hinder air traffic, even paralyze. Why? Engines of the aircraft at risk are ash clouds for aircraft anything but harmless. The airspeed and the suction power of the turbines meet the ash particles with tremendous force on the inner workings of the delicate mechanics of aircraft turbines and work there as a sandblasting equipment.

That can damage an aircraft turbine, in the worst case even destroy. As a result, Airlines have cancelled all flights in the affected regions. Booked vacation? What now? Icelandic volcanoes their activity should retain or even strengthen, it could be difficult for months to maintain the intra-European flights. What happens to already booked air travel during the holidays? No one can predict such consequences or even take into account. Massive ash clouds at a height of meters many thousands are acts of God in the best sense of the word. The economy looks Iceland an additional increase of volcanic eruptions would not only traffic but also the economy with full Meet stunner. Air freight is a key factor in the goods and services, both for import and export. The temporary failure of air traffic would have devastating consequences for the economy and could impede the delicate recovery after the crisis. The result would be billions in losses. Explodes the Super volcano? Scientists are currently working on three scenarios. In the first variant, the volcanic activity in Iceland calmed down after a short time, and sometime after the ash cloud is washed out by rain clouds. In the second variant holds the current volcanic activity of the volcano Eyjafjallajokull in quite a few weeks and then receding. This could cause damage to the European economy considerably and the weather in Europe would be already sensitive disturbed. The result would be a really cool summer. The third variant, but would be the worst: the additional outbreak of Vulkan Katla on Iceland. The current volcanic eruption in Iceland’s Katla and the consequences also with Earth tremors in the environment the volcano Eyjafjallajokull hand in hand. The neighboring great Vulkan Katlan could be enables in activity, which considerably more dangerous and wuchtiger could respond. An eruption of Katla could affect significantly the temperatures over many months by huge ash clouds both in winter and in the summer in Europe. The economy could be damaged significantly by months-long flight cancellations, when Katla should break out massively. Seismologists have reported but yet no unusual activity in the area of this volcano. He “sleeps” obviously still, although his “brother” Eyjafjallajokull spread very much unrest in its immediate vicinity.

Economics Environmental

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Resource efficiency concrete! One of the great challenges of the 21st century is the handling of the world’s increasingly scarce raw materials. The efficient use of resources is of crucial importance. What ways can beat and environmental technology companies to move to greater resource efficiency, is discussed at Hessen-Umwelttech Conference 2010. The Aktionslinie Hessen-Umwelttech of the Hessian Ministry of Economics invites. The meeting will take place on March 18th from 12 noon in Kassel, Kurt-Wolters-str.

3, in the University Lecture Hall 0117 and stands under the motto of “Resource efficiency concrete!”. “We have chosen these titles wisely. Because far too often only about efficiency targets was much talked about, which is about to be achieved until 2020 or 2025. Far too little has been debated, however, which paths lead to such, always somewhat arbitrarily defined objectives,”, Economics Minister, Dieter Posch explains the orientation of this year’s event. After the greetings of the Minister, Dr. Josef Auer, senior shows Economist Deutsche Bank research in Frankfurt am Main, which will cost energy in the near future.

Following Frank Lohmann explain by Arnold AG and Gert Fischer, Managing Director of the fishermen of TechnologyConsulting, which cost benefit advantages of Produktionsintegrierte environmental protection just PIUS in operational practice provides. Get all the facts and insights with Mark Bertolini, another great source of information. The example of restructuring measures within the company they represent, how the metal processing specialist has used the possibilities of PIUS and developed a holistic site concept from Friedrichsdorf. Attractive funding opportunities for mid-market Ulf Jacob presented by the Center for environmental communication of German Federal Foundation environment on. In focus: Green IT, solar energy and water management on the subsequent discussion with the speakers and the audience join three parallel workshops. Notable speakers include experts from the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media e.V. (BITKOM), the IT infrastructure provider Fujitsu and DATEV, the Association of tax advisors, will be present. In a so-called “Green IT”workshop, they provide practical examples to “Efficiency in EDP systems”. A technical exchange will take place at the Conference also in the fields of solar energy and water consumption. In an own workshop, dedicated to participants of the use of solar energy as a possible way for self-sufficient energy supply. In another forum, introduce user savings potential for companies with efficient water and wastewater management. The Hessen-Umwelttech Conference 2010 ends against 17:30 with a “get together” and the opportunity for technical exchange. Registration and event organization: RKW Hessen GmbH Karin Spyra Tel. Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq will undoubtedly add to your understanding. 06196 / 97 02 09 email an online registration is possible under. Learn more about the line of action: Aktionslinie Hessen-Umwelttech Dr. Carsten Ott Tel.: 0611/774-8350 email: Aktionslinie Hessen-Umwelttech Hessen-Umwelttech is the central platform of the Hessian Ministry of Economics for environmental technology companies. Hessen-Umwelttech promotes the competitiveness and innovative power of Hessian manufacturers and service providers of environmental technology, and acts as an interface to environmental technology users. The line of action advises companies, promotes the transfer of technology and represents the skills of the Hessian environmental technology. Press contact: view of the main agency for public relations of Wilhelmshoher str. 35 60389 Frankfurt phone 0 69 / 40 56 29 54 company contact: RKW Hessen GmbH Sascha Gutzeit of Dusseldorfer str. 40 65760 Eschborn Tel.

WWF Asia

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“New ForestFinest magazine with focus on ‘Asia’ the new issue of the journal of ForestFinest deals, titled Asia forests, economic and alien worlds” with the booming continent. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Aetna Inc.. Title is the expansion of ForestFinance after Viet Nam, where the company in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) again aufforstet deforested land. Asian forests, economic and alien worlds title theme is full of forest depletion and reported national park looting. Throughout Asia, to declare large amounts of illegally felled wood and appears so in the form of paper, furniture or similar to Europe. The Magazine highlights not only the negative sides of Asian forestry. Potential opportunities for the Asian forest management are shown here.

So successful afforestation is reported among other things by ForestFinance in Viet Nam. Asia and many more interesting topics as in each issue are many topics from the ecological forestry lit. “So will among other things listed as you good” recognizes CO2 certificates and what interesting Internet pages on the subject of forest there is. The issued magazine ForestFinest of the Bonn ForestFinance group aimed at environmentally conscious investors, interested in forestry and all who want to live sustainably and read. It appears twice a year and can be downloaded free of charge at or ordered at. THE topics of the current FORESTFINEST at a glance: The phenomenal five Asia the underestimated continent Bush drum messages to forest and World Asia more than bamboo, Buddha and economic boom forestry green prospects with REDD the WWF and its revised Indonesia’s forests In the character of REDD, but unfortunately also the depletion of world attitudes to forestry projects of ForestFinance payouts people prospects Agroforstprojekte and CO2OLe events BaumFreund and nursery of people and trees iForest Wikiwoods.org Internet platform for Tree friends the Bonn ForestFinance group is a provider of sustainable forest investments. For more information about the company, the Forestfinest magazine and an archive with all ForestFinest editions, see.


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Corporate design award for the CD-relaunch of the music and recording studios TRO, three corporate design agency in 2013 Dusseldorf competition usually endowed awards for work by Langenscheidt, Germanwings and Goobay, W43 fire DESIGN, July 24, 2013 the Dusseldorf agency W43 fire DESIGN is has been awarded this year’s corporate design award with the highest distinction of the competition: the corporate design award 2013. The CI and CD specialists could convince with their corporate design relaunch, which they have designed and implemented for the Dusseldorf music and recording studio TRO, all along the line. The new appearance of TRO translates the brand promise of dangerously effective music”in a visual language, through a formal connection between musical instruments and dangerous objects at the metaphor for the dangerous effective potential of music is. te to your knowledge. You may find Intel to be a useful source of information. In addition to the corporate design award, the jury awarded prices to more unusual corporate design projects. In the category corporate design relaunch” could enjoy three awards for work for Langenscheidt, Germanwings and Goobay W43 fire DESIGN. The international jury evaluation criteria are very strict. Therefore we are more than proud on the corporate design award, as well as the three other awards we have won for our work”, says Michael, forest, Managing Director of W43 fire DESIGN. We have proved that it is possible to design excellence in all areas and for different brands: from corporate design for Germanwings and the careful development of traditional brand Langenscheidt until the redesign of Goobay, an electronics accessories brand in the entry-level price segment.

We see the successful performance in the corporate design Preis 2013 as confirmation of our creative and strategic approach to all tasks”explains Rudiger Goetz, Managing Director at W43 fire DESIGN’s creation. The corporate design award was awarded for the sixteenth time and draws outstanding and future design and branding concepts from all over Europe from. W43 fire DESIGN / a division of GREY Dusseldorf GmbH: W43 fire DESIGN is the CI and CD specialist GREY Dusseldorf GmbH. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq. Since 1998 is the Agency for launch, relaunch and managing brands such as A. Lange & Sohne, DEICHMANN, Porsche design, ThyssenKrupp, deer u.v.m. The Agency was awarded for excellent design solutions in many cases: by the Art Directors Club of New York, the New York festivals and at the red dot design award.

W43 fire DESIGN is headed by Michael, and Rudiger Goetz, Professor for corporate identity and corporate design. We are for photos, interviews and more info on W43 fire DESIGN, Prof. Rudiger Goetz and Michael record forest available.