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FujiFilm FinePix

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To more clearly present imagine what a macro, we turn to the concept of 'zoom'. By understanding the scale ratio of the linear size of the optical image of the object in the focal plane of the camera (that is, on the film normal camera or the CCD digital model) to the actual dimensions of the subject. topic.. This ratio is also called a linear increase. A macroshot feel kind of shooting, where the scale of the images on photomaterial is from 1:10 to 5:1 (as stated in the classic encyclopedia 'Photo and' under the editorship of EA Iofisa, 1981). The scale of the printed images (print) increases by a factor of increase in print. This means that if the original image scale is close to unity, then on the print we see the object as if through a magnifying glass.

Therefore, in this case is usually seen those details that are difficult to observe in normal conditions. Benefits of 'figures' for macro photography especially for close-up digital camera, no doubt, will do. Most models are usually fitted with a special mode that allows you to shoot aggregated plan (from a distance of several centimeters) without special tools. Individual cameras even have two sub-bands – 'macro' and 'Super Macro'. However, most models have only the option 'macro'. Topics at least some of them allow photographs from a distance of up to 1-2 cm, however, not very many cameras provide a minimum focusing distance of up to 1 cm are, for example, Nikon Coolpix 5400, FujiFilm FinePix S602Z, FujiFilm FinePix S7000, Ricoh Caplio RR1, Ricoh Caplio RR30 and Ricoh Caplio G3.


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Photo reflectors Falcon, Weifeng, LastoLite in Kiev. Buy a reflector in Kiev to be a photographer – it means to create. And to do – it means trying to come to a 'problem' from different sides. So this photo reflectors – is another aspect of the theme 'coverage pictures'. Reflector allows the photographer to highlight areas of the shadows by reflected light. Photographer with photos of the reflector directs the flow of the reflected light to illuminate the necessary details, and others – to shade. Main reflector problem – it draw the shaded areas of the object in the frame.

In addition, the reflector can be a source of shade, replace the white background when using flash – reflector can serve as an additional light source, etc. Photos uses reflectors to reflect sunlight on the visiting photographer and to reflect the artificial light in the studio. Depending on the size of the illuminated object is selected size and shape reflector. Today are round, oval, rectangular, triangular reflectors (the photographer can hold his own) and reflectors-triflektory for portraiture. Brands that produce photo reflectors presented in our shop – Falcon, Weifeng, Lastolite. Intern in our shop has a large color gamut photo reflectors – white-silver, gold and silver, sun-silver, black and white and others are presented round reflectors in sets of 5 in 1, and triangle – 8 in 1 with interchangeable faces. Taking pictures outdoors, using the triangular lens (top) and the triangular reflector (bottom). Example pictures using a reflector and without him. Example of use are round photo Lastolite reflectors all colors in the photo shoot portraits using reflectors-triflektora Lastolite in a studio photo shoot Example portraits obtained using the reflector-triflektora Lastolite Our online store delivers photo reflectors all over Ukraine.