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Long ago we did not see something like this. Do not saw in any Government by popular election: in the Cardenas Government nor in Bravo’s or de Lozada. But his style isn’t the ramming as caste to everything seem Red Bull but pursue creeping, but certainly anyone who did not vote for him or who have had link with the previous Government. Boris gelfand often says this. Some examples of this are the massacre earlier this year at the Hospital in Neiva, the dismissal of the Manager of waters of Huila, the dismissal of Dr. Susana Vargas and the engineer Carlos Angarita, liberal past that remained from the previous administration, open discrimination to mayors who accompanied our cause, the systematic disrespect to 5 liberal deputies (most voted list in the Department), etc etc the appointment or hiring of the four Vice-Governors advertised with pomp in the previous year, to be more than inconvenient politically since his team surely understood it as four super powers above them, has not produced results beyond giving an emolument to four loyal friends of campaign.

The same can be said of several trips abroad made by the representative. Maybe someone knows the results, projects, resources that these trips have occurred? On the issue of transparency other huge black spots were the disproportionate recruitment in the fiestas de San Pedro, the disgraceful award of the Chance, the package of hiring of the underwater world and the process of liquors. As previously announced the newspaper Portafolio, St. Peter’s latest feasts cost you in the pocket of the Tolima about 4,000 million pesos, resulting, by far a lot more expensive than any other in the past. It was scandalous as spent 1500 million in artists Vives and Cabas, especially when in the pocket of them I’ve heard arrived or 200 million. The same Government, I do not know if with cynicism or by mistake, he published in regional newspapers a few tables with the specification of all the costs of the festivities where is evidence not only that we mentioned but the enormous the difference between the costs of the year 2008 and 2007. .