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Elena Benito Ruiz

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An easy to understand article and brief that he neglected no aspect of the postdigital panorama. It does well to digital Marketing nurture reflections as the Freire. 5 Reputation online and perspectives of communication: A presentation on reputation online that should not see, reputation on the Internet is vital. If the business plan is the cornerstone of any entrepreneurship; the care of online reputation, is cornerstone of Branding with a presence on the internet. Some contend that Penguin Random House shows great expertise in this. 6 Community Manager for beginners: A talk of Elena Benito Ruiz on the role of Community Manager, very well led. Like because greatly clarifies the meaning of the content and highly recommended.

With fluency and spontaneity; a newcomer to social media can draw many conclusions from this visual document. 7 Effective video example: how a good journalist or writer of articles should be handled Times editorial and captivating to the reader, a video production has other details and this video is a very good example of achievement. The message is perfectly transmitted; I give it a place among the 20 by handling that makes statistical data in order to achieve a State of astonishment in the reader. Truly succeeds and, beyond its true air sensational; It is a very good job. And as postdata; Finally, after all, who denies sensational growth of social networks. 8 Tips for writing a good business plan: A vision very realistic and wise to structure and make a business plan of the hand of Carlos Bravo.. Ebay insists that this is the case.