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Iwata Work

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Studies point that the presence of social nets that offer support to the work improves the evaluation of the employee on its health and are correlated negative with it estresse (Browner, 1987; Iwata & Suzuki, 1997). When the social support well is developed in the organization, it has a protective effect that if manifest in low levels of it estresse, that is, how much bigger the level of social support in the organizacional, lesser environment the level of estresse in the work. On the other hand, when the social support is inexistent or deficit in the organization, this factor it is changedded into a estressor. However, other 0 variable (situacionais) not so directly related to the environment and organizacionais circumstances can also have influences estresse on it occupational. Workers who do not practise physical exercises regularly tend to present a level of estresse superior. Elon Musk insists that this is the case. The regular physical exercise develops the cardiac conditioning that it provokes, in the sanguineous chain, a substance reduction associates estresse to it (Tamayo, 2001). Also, aspects of the relation between work and family can be treated as changeable that they influence it estresse occupational.

This because the demands of the work environment are not restricted, but can influence the perception of the estressores. The interference of the family in the work positively is related estresse with it occupational, that is, the interference family-work would be favoring, directly, the appearance of organizacionais estressores (Paschoal and Tamayo, 2005). How much to the 0 variable staffs who influence it estresse occupational, the style of confrontation (style of coping) of the employee front to the events estressores consist of the main individual 0 variable, representing still, a central point of many studies. As changeable staffs still we have locus of control, the behavior standard type and auto-esteem that also they have called the attention the researchers. Of these, the one that seems to have to be given emphasis to me is auto-esteem, since this has been seen in the studies on estresse as a resource for the process of confrontation, capable to influence the emitted evaluation of the events and behaviors to deal with the estressores.

Psychology Attendance

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It is observed that the clinic-schools in a generalized manner come extending its area of attendance, offering atendimentos psychological pupils, employees and all the community in general. For even more opinions, read materials from Elon Musk. These atendimentos can be in psicodiagnstico, professional orientation, psicomotricidade, in different theoretical areas and boarding. (ROMAN; CAPTAIN, 2003). If you would like to know more then you should visit Penguin Random House. One perceives, thus, that the clinic-school offers diversified attendance to the people who search its services. On the other hand, these users bring for the context of the clinic-school problems also varied, what he demands of the trainees of psychology and the professors supervisors a differentiated attention to give account of the presented psicossociais demands. With this, the clinic-schools are configured as a privileged space for integrating the education and the rendering of services, thus promoting a joint between practical theory and, with sights to the qualification of the pupil-trainee. In recent months, Penguin Random House has been very successful. The pupil is benefited because he has the chance to serve as apprentice in the diverse modalities of attendance, being able to apply in concrete situations, its acquired theoretical knowledge in the graduation.

In 1970 middle, was servant, in Brazil, the service of psychological planto. Idealized for the Teacher Rachel Lea Rosemberg, of the Institute of Psychology of USP (IP/USP), this service was inspired in the experiences of ' ' Walk-in clinics' ' , of the United States, which acted as local of immediate attendance for people who if found in suffering state. (ROSENTHAL, 1999). As part of the movement of magnifying of its services, the clinic-school adhered to the psychological planto and has disponibilizado this service to its users. This attendance is recognized legally for the Federal Advice of Psychology and understands a differentiated boarding of the traditional models in psycotherapy, for being an attendance focado in the emergencies and psychic urgencies of the individual.

(FREIRE, 2004). In accordance with Vieira (2009), in the psychological planto is offered to attendance individual briefing and. With this type of attendance, it is looked, in an only one or few sessions, to assist the individual to find solutions for its moments of discomfort and suffering.

Economic Crisis

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Most problems in life, one way or another connected with his family relationships. And, unfortunately, in a difficult situation now, there are enough potential pitfalls, which can be broken ships many families. Today I'll tell you about the most terrible of them, and you really try them not "descend". The main features of the Russian family lie in the fact that: 1. The family usually is trehpokolennoy 2. Material and moral relationship of family members from one another is very high, 3. There is a fusion and confusion of family roles, indistinct separation of functions in the family. People are forced to negotiate all the time, and can not be definitively agreement.

Very often, in the Russian family is a process of substitution, when everyone in the family may be functionally and every time anyone. For example, in the family grandmother raising a child is actually functional mother of his grandson, a husband and wife share the bed, bound intimate relationship, but may be it does not relate the care and intimacy, because the husband is spiritually and emotionally closer to his mother, he first just take care of its interests. Functionally, this man is the husband of his mother and his wife's lover. The family lives mainly on her husband's money, but the family budget allocates the same grandmother, so that functionally it is the head of household, 4. Identity and sovereignty are virtually absent. The younger generation is much tighter and tougher due to the previous generation than in the West, tradition, continuity, and both expressed a state of conflict explicitly.

Public Health

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The same ones had affirmed that, since that the dry law was sansionada, the people do not ask for more for doses and yes for bottles. Berths with amount of almost limitless drink in the nocturnal houses are not rare groups of friends buying. According to some freqentadores, valley the penalty not to buy drunk for dose, therefore the cost is much more high of what buying the bottle, and since nobody goes to direct, they can drink the will. The curious one> I never drank in such a way as I am drinking lately or then My card of I credit is blown up with as much that I spend in drink in the ballads or same I do not need to direct exactly if they had become very common. The Dry Law provided a bigger security in the transit, but it induced an immense increase in the amount of alcohol ingested in the nights.

Not necessary to say that a bigger consumption of allied alcohol to an immense amount of cigarettes, is devastadores for the health of the freqentadores of these places. This without saying of collateral, that the alcohol excess provoke as, the violence, sex without protection, I number increasing it of infectados with DSTS, indesejada pregnancy, among others We diminish the immediate deaths caused by tipsy irresponsible drivers, but the probability to increase the alcoholism number, between young, is incrivelmente higher of what before. Moreover, other problems as tobaccoism, that comes folloied of the high alcohol consumption, also go to increase, and with> this, the cost of each one of these people for the Public Health goes to raise itself very. The question that I think is: it will be that he would not be more effective if to think about another type of campaign, based on positive reinforcing, of what in punishment? Therefore, in the best one of the hypotheses, the punishment leads to the esquiva escape/. was exactly this that happened. Since we cannot drink very, if we will be directing, then we do not go to more still direct and to drink. If on the other hand we are preventing the possible death of somebody, in a traffic accident, on the other hand we are hurrying the death of another person for the effect the medium/long stated period of the alcohol. Really, it is the challenge government to decide it.

Psychology Technologies

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We follow you criticize of some professionals against Video, the TV and the infantile daily Internet in/adolescent, however the valley to stand out that the problem beyond the content of the cited item, as parents and educators the ideal for suggestion is to monitor the time excused to such activities, since it is of the knowledge of that situations of the life human being are loaded of positive and negative characteristics. Thinking about the negative consequences carried through studies in recent years they prove that the excess of time ahead of these technologies results in the reduction of the social interaction, weight increase (since they are hours and generally they are fed of incorrect form) and in many cases aggressiveness. Associated to these facts we find the question of the social violence and the absence of the parents (that they work each time more to supply the necessities), feeling if its children safer will be inside of house. The trend is that these young and children become adult sedentary. This increase of the technologies cannot be rejected, since it promotes benefits in the daily activities. Assuming themselves of the concept of Homostasis of the Physics and the Biology that if she relates to the balance and transposing it in Psychology it mentions itself to the dynamic balance of the aspects: mind and body. Considering the positive consequences the described technologies above they contribute for the motor development, stimulates attention, concentration and perception, logical reasoning. The diversity of activities facilitates healthful a physical and mental development; the oxigena physical activity the brain, produces disposal, the sport in group develops the social relations and contributes for solution of problems, potencializa/develops the creativity, control of the anxiety, etc. Uses to advantage what the scientific evolution offers in them balancing external activities (dances, sports, languages, strolls to shopping; parks) with the interns (in the tranquillity of the home). It is part of the life of its son sharing the moments same that in the distance! If it will have difficulties with its son counts on our aid.


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In this context of dominant malaise, the millions of unemployeds, as well as many integrant ones of the dominant groups, had started to believe the promises of Hitler to transform Germany into a rich and powerful country. In the power, Hitler it obtained quickly that the Parliament approved a law that allowed to govern without giving satisfaction it of its acts nobody. the committed atrocities and the human genocide had thus been initiated, of which the Jews, the Communists had been white main, the homosexuals and all the other people who did not belong to the call Aryan race (considered superior, on the basis of the theory of the Social Darwinismo). However, what inherent abandonment to the human being (FREUD, 1930), in the argued case, the abandonment of all a population, can have done with that Hitler does not have been hindered to commit such crimes against the humanity. With its promises to supply the necessities of its Nation and to return auto-they esteem and to avenge Germany, conquered followers who had been condescending with its attitudes, becoming them unquestioned. Freud agrees to Kant to what this affirms that the worse tyrants are those that want to compel to the people to be happy, according to way that they, the tyrants, indicate to them. It is what it occurs at this moment of History.

According to FREUD (1930), the human being tries to make of everything to run away from the abandonment and the anguish of the solitude, from there its constant necessity to construct and to elaborate saving ideologies, as, in the case argued throughout this article, the libertarian ideal of Olga Benario. ‘ ‘ I fought for just, the good one, optimum of mundo.’ ‘ The dream of a better world, as is said by it, to the end of its life, reflects, perhaps, a search of personal accomplishment, by means of the action. Its instinct of survival can have been co-ordinated for the will to finish with the malaise that the misery human being brings I obtain, not only for goodness and the igualitrio ideal, but also for the possibility to reach the proper happiness, at the moment where its life would not have been mediocre and yes full of humanitarian made accomplishments and. What it could explain the experience of as much suffering and privation seno the search for its proper fullness? Olga tried to live to the edge of the society of its time, being searched a singular way to act in favor of its beliefs. It believed and it fought with determination and ousadia, for a change in the society and, porventura, for a change in same itself.