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The love? He is many for has the ousadia there to say that it knows what it is to love to the 10 years of age. My love, you finds exactly that already it is capable to define the love? It will only be the love for its parents, its friends, the love for God n? Because love between a man and a woman I am certain that you still have much what to learn, she has much what to suffer, and very what to cry. You still go to learn that pra to love somebody you have that to know the value of a tear, the value of a kiss. Hear other arguments on the topic with Laurent Potdevin. Now he goes to kiss a friend, who you go to perceive what she is sees a friend if to move away, what it is a friendship to finish to the few for a simple kiss. Then soon, he is therefore that I say that you have that to know the value of a kiss. But he knows of a thing, only says that he loves somebody when you will have full certainty of this. Learn more on the subject from Aetna Inc.. also knows that to love somebody it is easy, now it to correspond this love is difficult saw? Then, she is smart ().

Julio Nascif

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The PCM department must be extremely lined up with the planning and control of the production (PCP), so that it can negotiate the stops for maintenance. This constant and explicit necessary communication to be, to determine the priorities of the plant, with intention to guarantee the trustworthiness of the equipment. Through a management of planning of the well structuralized maintenance it is possible to get historical trustworthy of intervention of the equipment, being able to apply different strategies, that is, creating plain preventives well adjusted or preditivas techniques of monitoramento. You may want to visit Elon Musk to increase your knowledge. One technique does not exist standard for management of the assets, because they must be evaluated a series of criteria to determine the best strategy, being able to be preventive, corrective or preditiva it. In the definition of the decision criteria it is important to identify that resulted they are waited by the maintenance. It competes to the managers of the organization establishing these objectives (SIQUEIRA, 2005).

03. The strategies of maintenance management present different forms to be selected, needing to study a series of criteria to get the best ones resulted. In such a way, it is basic to enable all the involved people, since the operation even though those that are in the high management. All the processes of management development require time to present the waited results, therefore it is basic that all believe and if they strengthen to reach the objectives. The systematics of planning of the maintenance is basic to optimize all the available resources, searching to standardize the execution forms and creating procedures of specific activities. The sector of planning and control of the maintenance must be structuralized, of form that get tools to facilitate the consultations of descriptions, adjustments of preventive plans and qualified people to explore the points keys of the maintenance. So that the development of this process presents resulted positive, it is basic to generate indicating, showing all evolution that if it got since the period of implantation.

These pointers also will serve to point where they are the points that must be applied to the continuous improvement.

Constitution Citizen

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In these two great traditions this postulate means that, if the formation of the man would have to be integral, then horizontes projected for the education would have to also contemplate, as one of its constituent dimensions, of the moral formation. However, in its more concrete formative aspects in itself, the education encloses, in the cited article, of satisfactory form, the formation citizen, a time that engloba the formative processes that in such a way go of meeting to the work how much to the art and the culture, amongst others, being opportune to remember that, even so having these to be atrelados and intricate in the formation human being of the citizen, as seen previously, are indispensable of the point of view technician of educating. The knowledge of its culture generates in the individual the recognition of its proper identity, making with that it if points out in the society where lives; with that it makes use of an autonomy politics; with that it feels that really makes part of its world. An important point of intercession enters these abrangncias in Education, which fits to be notified in this quarrel, it is the democracy, today, in Brazil, something so argued. The Brazilian ideals of democracy favor, unquestionably, the opening of ways for the search and the gradual consolidation of the autonomy of the social institution of knowing, the school.

In the Federal Constitution of 1988 – Constitution Citizen, we can find this opening explicit, in its P. 151, ' ' Art. 206: Education will be given on the basis of the following principles: … Incorporation VI: democratic management of public education, in the form of the law; ' '. This right granted to the Brazilian Education strengthens the ideals of citizenship inside of the school and propitiates the sprouting of its autonomy. A conception of institucional performance of the school is born, of the public mainly, where already it is not more necessary to think education as only a process of instructive formation about content terms.

Economic Order Questions

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In regards to this subject it detaches Rosseti well, oligopoly is a market form where few salesmen exist, ahead of a great number of purchasers, of form that the salesmen exert great control on the prices of products (2003; p.158). Three forms of oligopoly exist: monopoly, cartel and holding. In the monopolies the companies open hand of its independence, but without losing its autonomy, in order to join itself forming an only organization dominating the market in offers of goods and services and to suppress the free competition; Cartel is an implicit agreement or explicit it enters the competitors for setting of prices, distribution of performance markets and of customers, generally in the cartels the products of the companies are homogeneous, in this type of oligopoly are eliminated the competition with consequent increase of prices and having diminished the possibility of choice of the consumer, becoming the more expensive goods and/or services and even unavailable; Holdings, is created a company, this here possesss the biggest number of action, to manage a group of them that they had been joined with intention to promote the domain of the market, offers, the prices of the goods and/or services. These types of oligopoly are considered crimes in all the countries that possess antitrust legislation, and Brazil is one of them, that it regulates these practical in its legislation through the laws to follow: Law 4,137/62 – Law of the abuse of the economic power; Law 7,347/85 – Interest diffuse; Law 8,158/91 – Economic defense (antitrust); Law 8,137/90 – Crimes against order tax, economic and relations of consumption; Law 8,884/94 – CADE (antitrust); Law 9,021/95 CADE; Law 9,470/97 – It modifies 8.884/94; Law 10,149/00 – It modifies 8.884/94; Law 10,843/04 – It modifies 8.884/94. 3. Principles of the Economic Order Questions about the economic order in Brazil they start to acquire legal dimension with the Great Letter of 1946, in its art.

Free Competition

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These two for if completing finish erroneamente being confused as synonymous, but it is interesting to detach some differences, and to analyze that of certain form these principles finish being antagonistic between itself. The beginning of the free initiative or of free enterprise it corresponds to the delimitation of the space of the economic agents, is the legal defense to the agent in undertaking what to desire without the state interference, that is, the freedom is authorized to the individual to have the company and to vender the product that more good to identify itself, the State cannot limit the choice of the entrepreneur in constituting the company that to fit to it. In the moving this it detaches Rabbit the importance of this principle to the Commercial law, For the Commercial law, two excellent aspects if conclude in the insertion of the free initiative it enters the beddings of the economic order. In first place, the constitutionality of law rules that they aim at to motivate the particular ones to the exploration of enterprise activities; in as is the duty tax to the generality of the people, to respect constitucional law the same, as well as the illegality of the acts that hinder its full exercise.

(2008; p.188-189) Already the beginning of the competition freedom it tells that the economic agent is free to undertake what she understands well since that does not harm the freedom of other economic agents to concur. The contradiction in these is perceived here two principles, therefore not if it can definiz them as synonymous. The freedom that is given in the free initiative is limited in the free competition, this when abuses on the part of the economic agents occur thus harming the freedom of others to concur, therefore the freedom is authorized to institute the company who the agent to desire, but the State has to analyze if the implementation of this will not harm the competition it enters excessively.

San Isidro

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The title is nothing if you don’t have capacity for reading, discernment, mental agility, reading comprehension and proved it. The year 2000 was released a notice in the newspaper that said: staff rationalization and commissary, require urgent. Interested to present with terno in Los Sauces 123 San Isidro, during office hours. Preference will be given to those who dominate Affairs of prospecting. Miguel Cobarrubias, a friend of San Borja, was Bachelor in administration, had months, without a job, unemployed, was desperate, was looking for a job opportunity everywhere. It was precisely the, who taught me this newspaper notice. Cranky told me:-whore Pedro, I’m already tired brother. Not be to do.

Daily buy newspaper, looking for work, need money, they have come together I debts, I read all the notices and there is nothing for me. Alejo sad leaving me the newspaper, where had wheeled notices that nonsense, matters that were not considered for the. One of the crossed out warnings was that I have described above and it said: staff rationalization and commissary, require urgent. Interested to present with terno in Los Sauces 123 San Isidro, during office hours. Preference will be given to those who dominate Affairs of prospecting. Tell me UD, if this notice was not for people with management studies.

What does UD say? Let’s see. Rationalisation is a process which is intended to the maximum utilization of the Organization, its systematization, which are designed: forms, manual functions, organizational charts, etc., which allow all work with speed, fluency, knowledge of which is its task, following the guidelines of the company. Rationalization is the same as saying organization and methods. The fundamental reason for the existence of a section or Department of methods in an enterprise is in the rationalization and simplification of the work performed by its employees.