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According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the end of 2003 nearly 53% of the economically active population is developing informal economic activities. There are currently over 50% Of course, consider that the informality is conceptually different causes overlapping and co-determined. There is some consensus that the high costs of doing business that discourage private initiative, in parallel with recurrent macroeconomic instability that does the same and creates unemployment, in an environment in which the demographic transition that renews the labor force requires, have clear effects on increasing informality. New ideas come to give explanation to this phenomenon, recently partnered with the rules that deny opportunities for private investment in more profitable sectors in our economy compared. The fact that despite what the current government to bring the country's economic crisis continues as if nothing and survival patterns as opportunities are consolidated real-life strategy for not staying on the road. The informal sector of the economy increases gradually reaching nearly 60% of the population and is creating an anarchic situation, without control, large proportions in major cities. Faced with unemployment, rising food prices and shortages of housing, it triggers the activity especially in the streets of downtown where there are vendors of all kinds. Added to this is the serious health crisis, where there is no guarantee of having good service and sick in particular where the country is a big risk. It is worrying, especially at this time dicembrina approaching, as there is a growing development of the informal economy in Venezuela, as Aguilar says poses a challenge and demands the attention of the responsible leaders of the country's economic progress, attention should realized by enhancing the development of small and medium enterprises, for the purpose of economic stabilization in Venezuela that we all desire.