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Employee motivation does not fall from the sky many managers the task took over a change in the motivation of employees in your company. I’m saying that it is one of the hardest and easiest tasks in this very troubled time. Our work environment is currently characterized by uncertainty and fears. Confidence in business and politics falls further. How can I motivate employees? Motivation, a word which is reflected in the language of many people. But why can employees do not always adequately motivate? It is located on the incentive system? It is located on the task? How install the Chief collaborators, more intense for the tasks to be to motivate business objective for the? Here, the first question arises.

Know the employees the business objectives? Money alone are not enough to get highly motivated employees. Motivation can be not just turn a switch and turn off. The man has”a fundamental claim to attention, respect, and appreciation. Its specific culture, determined by values, ethics, standards, and thinking makes every company and every organisation. It shows in the coexistence of employees is bound and in the appearance of outward. Increasingly attempting to develop the corporate culture by using a common vision and a mission statement management or change management by change. It is important for the corporate culture that the employees of all sectors can work on the guidelines.

Corporate culture can not enforce or learn in a training. The unwritten laws and practices can be learned only in the daily experience and attentive observation. The history of the company is important so corporate culture is perceived as a natural and logical. The corporate culture sets the action game space of each and every organizational unit. New patterns of thought and action are to develop and build. Changes in behavior are most likely achievable thanks through feedback loops with assessment criteria. With the Adopt a mission statement and will not print a brochure. Rather then begins the real work. The benefits of a change in culture is clearly out to work and communicate.