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Joseph Schumpeter

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In regard economic was defined for the first time by a French writer, Richard Cantillon in 1755 as the process of facing uncertainty. So it was using the term to identify who started a company and it was linked more than anything to innovative entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is also a conjunction of values to achieve the targets. Adds us Wikipedia, which until the beginning of the 20th century, not recognized the role of the entrepreneur and the risk in the economy. Both Adam Smith and Alfred Marshall did not include the concept in economic analysis. Just at the beginning of century, Joseph Schumpeter recognized the entrepreneur as the center of the economic system. Check out Benito Santiago for additional information. The gain comes from the change, he wrote, and the change is produced by the innovative entrepreneur. For Schumpeter, innovation was the raison d ‘ etre of the entrepreneur.

Despite Schumpeter definitions, there are still the theoretical difficulties to reconcile socially oriented variables and mathematical theories that describe accurately a model. Usually that business opportunity translates into the creation of a product or service that it is estimated that it may be marketed at a price higher than its cost of production, thus obtaining one greater for the acquisition of administrative improvements benefit, often managing to improve and make more efficient sales network, canceling the turbulence and creating new wealth. There is no security that the sale of the necessary amount of product at the price necessary to cover the production costs incurred plus the business profit is unlikely, the entrepreneur bears a risk. A company is created to facilitate the organisation and management of resources for the production of the good or provision of the service generally. It reinforces your Wikipedia analysis demonstrating that in the current economic context the need to innovate, generate wealth, and develop creative potential begins to associate with greater force to SMEs on the one hand and on the other associative enterprises; This in a context of pursuit of economic independence and human development through a free economy that transcends the monopolistic concentration of large State and private enterprises and administrative centralization and burocratizante that these corporations can suffer.