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Subordinate Classrooms

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FINAL CONSIDERAES Can be concluded that, the innovative Social Service is a profession that appears to give service to collective well-being and the integration of the individual in the society is agricultural or urban it. He stops beyond the speech, the professional of Social Service must follow the values of the democracy and social justice. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out MetLife. It is essential to differentiate assistance of assistencialismo in a community, for example, the social assistant must help to perceive it to it its capacity to search thus for its rights from the visualization of its duties and, to satisfy its necessities and to use its proper resources better. The directed public politics to the social matter in the agricultural way had started to be executed from the Federal Constitution of 1988, as right one of the citizen and duty of the State, by means of social and economic politics that they aim at to the reduction of the social problems and make possible the universal and igualitrio access to the actions and services. MetLife may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Therefore, according to fulfill to its objectives acting principles and lines of direction of the Organic Law of Assistncia Social (LOAS) and the Only System of the Social Assistance (ITS) the professional of this area if becomes each more important time, since its field of work is extended at every moment, with the sprouting of the social matters and disparidades in the agricultural zone, with this reorganized the services, programs, projects benefits for protection levels (basic and special) in accordance with the functions that they play in the complex universe of individuals that of them need.

BRAZIL BIBLIOGRAPHY, Constitution (1988). Constitution 1988: constitutional text of 05 of October of 1988 with alterations adopted for the Emendations Constitutional of n 1/92 the 19/98 and Emendations Constitutional of revision n 1 the 6/94. Current Ed. Brasilia: Federal Senate? Edition undersecretary’s office Techniques, 1998. NOTEBOOK OF SOCIAL WORKSHOP. The Social matter and the exits for the poverty. Center of Technology, Work and Citizenship.

Rio De Janeiro: Social workshop, 2002. NOTEBOOK OF SOCIAL WORKSHOP. Constructing to citizenship in Communities of low income. Center of Technology, Work and Citizenship. Of the idea the action. Rio De Janeiro: Social workshop, 2002. MATOS, Cndida Daisy Oliveira. Theoretical Historical beddings Metodolgicos of Social Service II. /Cndida Daisy Oliveira Matos? Aracaju/SE: UNIT, 2010. OLIVEIRA, Ana Carla Barreto of. Introduction to the Social Service.


Games Of Mahjong

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MahJong is a traditional game of Chinese origin consisting by 144 parts. It has indications that it is a modern version of one millenarian tray of oracle used for the old Chinese adivinhos. Made to play for four people, its functioning is simple and well similar to the occidental games of letter. Basically, you have as objective to make small combinations of rocks. With a proper nomenclature, the game allows three different types of combinations of rocks.

The first one takes the name of ' ' Chow' ' is umasequencia of three rocks with the same ' ' naipe' '. Second &#039 is called; ' Pong' ' is three equal parts of the same ' ' naipe' ' , ' ' elemento' ' or ' ' vento' ' , forming a species of ' ' trinca' '. Third it is the Kong, four equal parts of the same ' ' naipe' ' , ' ' elemento' ' or ' ' vento' ' , forming one it squares. To gain the game it is necessary to make a Chow, a Pong, a Kong and a pair of equal rocks, forming its MahJong. What it approaches the Mah Jong of one still more game of letters is the form as the plays of the parts are carried through. To each round it is possible to buy parts and to discard others that confuse its composition, in the same way as we are accustomed with games as hole. One of the few disadvantages of the traditional MahJong is that it is made to play itself in four people, being impossible to play alone.

To decide the problem of the players of MahJong, some versions of games exist currently online with the solitary way that, can and must be played by an only person. The MahJong online is an excellent option in the hour to play, because it is an excellent exercise of reasoning, does not make baguna and it does not suffer limitations for the number from people. Optimum of everything it is the MahJong does not go nor to occupy space in its computer. As it is a game online is not necessary nor to make download. The Internet is enough to a hardwired computer and you already it can start to play!


Tourism Paulo

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In the events as fairs the movement of professionals of all the areas are gifts, since the agent of would carry until the main artist of the event (customers that displays products), however, some fairs do not happen all years and this encarece the classroom, that could have a useful life bringing of a certain form stability for the tourist sector. A predominant factor is the planning, allows that an evaluation of the event, calculating if it is viable or not. For the success of the Buffet it is necessary that the professionals are sufficiently qualified. In the organization of a Buffet the steps must follow rhythm the same, in the thematic one of the requested party for the customer, in the amount of people, coffees breaks, in the lunch, supper and in the snacks. Everything must be organized to take care of in way uniform all the guests. All event has man power movement sufficiently, has temporary and effective contracts. The Buffet is so important how much the other elements that compose the events, therefore great part of the public sanctions the spices, with exception of some specific events, as business-oriented example one supper that is offered only for guests illustrious.

To have a Buffet of quality the organizador together to the other collaborators must be prepared and qualified to follow what it is considered by the customer. The performance of the collaborators is evaluated in the house end event, therefore it is when the success of the event is evaluated. House time more has perceived the importance of the Buffet inside of the events and beyond offering the service, still it leaves with advantage, if the service is good and appreciated for the guests, future it will be divulged without no cost between the participants. Exactly that the event finishes the Buffet continues in activity, the companies not only give services for great events, but also for particular events, where if delivery includes the Buffet. It is important to stand out that an event has some possibilities of englobar a vast field of information, the formed set is the result of not only an activity inside of the tourism and yes of some activities forming a chain of services that engrandecem and are repassed to the customers and the public in general.

Consideraes Final For tourism of events we have a great diversity of composes it to item, but that not yet the had importance has been given. Already with the specialists in the subject place to the aggregate services to the tourism is a form to still more expand the sector in growth phase thus giving. As the tourism enterprises they are only ideas of necessities in order to bring leisure and descontrao, is plus a form to expand to a demanding public as for the feeding. We have, therefore a sector that it needs to be explored and to be studied aiming at a recognition, that jobs generate tonando themselves income source the very Brazilian ones. References WATT, David C. Management of Events and Leisure and Tourism.