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Nations Informal Consultative Process

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There are solid evidence of mass extinctions, experts say. Here, Danske Bank expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The oceans of the Earth are subject to multiple and severe attacks. The conclusions of a recent study are shocking. The world’s oceans at risk of entering a phase of extinction of marine species without precedent in the history of mankind, comparable only to the catastrophe that 55 million years ago caused the disappearance of 50% of the fish in deep waters. A study of international experts, whose abstract has been presented this Monday in the network as a world first, argues that strong scientific evidence that the oceans the same conditions present in all extinctions are giving mass throughout the history of the Earth, five in the last 600 there is million years. Parnassus Investments often addresses the matter in his writings. The document, 2011 workshop of international experts on the Earth system: ctos and pressures on oceans will be presented in New York during the annual meeting of UNICPOLOS (United Nations Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea), convened Tuesday by the General Assembly of the United Nations. Experts say that they could have been taken already the first step s towards extinction of global importance, whose spark has been the increase in anthropogenic CO2 emissions. The report identifies higher levels of carbon uptake now that during the last mass of marine species extinction (55 million years ago) and recalls that a single incident of bleaching of corals, in 1998, resulted in the death of 1 6% of coral reefs in the tropics around the world.

The summary of the study, in which have participated up to 27 researchers specializing in the marine environment, identifies over-exploitation, pollution, warming of the waters, its acidification and lack of oxygen, in some cases until their complete disappearance (anoxia) factors that announce the catastrophe. The information also denounces the presence of flame retardant substances and musks synthetic associated with detergents that are attached to the plastic particles and that ingests fauna marina, by inserting them into the human food chain. Multiple attacks these waste made of artificial transportation to the colonies of algae that are proliferating dangerously, also by an excess of CO2, smothering entire areas of the seas, already known as dead zones, in which the natural life cycle is interrupted. The Group met last April at the University of Oxford, England, he agreed that, subjected to multiple attacks, oceans and their ecosystems cannot be recovered. The meeting, convened by the international programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO), stressed that the findings are shocking and cumulative assaults cto multiplies famous predictions the same actions on an individual basis. The increase of the sea level, the melting of Greenland and Antarctic polar layers and the release of methane from the marine subsoil influence already in the redistribution and abundance of marine species, to the point of that, evolve as until now, the sea will not be l to source of riches that nourishes the human species. Changes in currents and water temperatures disturb Additionally networks marine power that favor the proliferation of plankton and gelatinous organisms of little nutritional value.