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Christmas 2008 – What Say Young People Do This

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Christmas especially not for young people is not equal to Christmas – what young people about Christmas and its traditions think it is the beginning of November and I enter a supermarket. Completely free of thoughts at Christmas, I stroll through the market. “Nothing changed”, I tell myself. But I should experience even my blue wonder. I turn around the corner and could not believe it. Morgan Stanley is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Because they – were in all their glory and broadcast any contrary to the came up to them.

They glowed on the that not even noticed it, but I could just turn my eyes from them. I went up to them and introduced me to them. Slowly, I shook my head, because I still couldn’t believe it. “It is the beginning of November! What have lost here? “, I wondered. Next to me, a woman showed up and turned just next to me.

She agreed a in my head-shaking and was only quietly by himself “I also understand not the whole hype around Christmas and am at least I understand that these Santas here already now, in early November,” Supermarkets are in need.” When she had finished her sentence, she went and left me. In my head went all Alarmlapchen and a giant shield itself was in my head. -WEIHNACHTEN-Yes, the “feast of love” is soon at our door and it gave me an opportunity to get the opinion of other young people even. Is it only me or others face just as averse and bored to happy Christmas? There are perhaps a few or more among us who are really happy “Feasts of love” on that? I wanted to find that out, and I think I have it also. Of course I could ask not the entire young people of in Germany, but for some it was enough. Often I’ve heard “Phew, I should say Weihnachten…was?”, but when I asked then more precisely, many could give me insight into their personal Christmas. The majority of the young people interviewed by me at home celebrates Christmas with her family. “Church, food, Christmas present the” is our Christmas tradition”or”I’m looking at of course all three Sissi movies on TV”were just two of the many answers that were given to me. Some of the respondents however drags itself to the Christmas day or Christmas to friends, relatives or in any disco. I’m sure that there remains the tradition of Christmas a little on the line. “My tradition is to go there in the disco and not to sit with the family under the Christmas tree,” was the answer to the question of missing tradition. There is also a song that reminds you quite specifically about Christmas, with you I wanted to know. Clearly there is! The majority could it me even sing some of the others less but still it was good, always the same. Maybe it’s even your very own Christmas song. Since you perhaps already most puzzle which could be it? Well, I want you no longer on the torture cock: “Last Christmas” by Wham is without doubt of you most often called Christmas song. Some find him totally annoying, because he “per minute running through the radio”, others find him because he is simply a cult just”apt.” I’m still sticking with my “Oh, Christmas tree” and wish you, no matter whether you are in the disco or with your family under the Christmas tree celebrates a Merry Christmas also if these days a or already one other Kraus are. Lisa Walters