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Peter Guillermo

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More 30 days if he passed and Guillermo seemed to have disappeared, therefore he did not appear more in the university, and not even its friends knew its respect. Everything seemed calm again, until the young to reappear. It ordered letter, all bound the moment to it of the night in its house, I followed it in the passages that made. at any time and to any place Guillermo always was with the long eyes on Peter, as if it did not want to lose if it wants a movement that made it. Peter already had noticed the constant presence of the young in all the environments that were. It was one day then that he decided to give one is enough in that situation, leaned Guillermo against the wall and he made it offences, saying that did not aguentava plus that obsession, it said that if it did not stop of seguiz it would go until polices to give complaint. Guillermo lowered the head and waved as if he was understanding the message of Peter plus its mind already was corrupted by mals thoughts and false feelings He was when he came in its mind as only exit to have the love of Peter. – he is expensive readers believe Guillermo if it informs with a friend, regarding black magic, and domination on the loved person.

was with the aid of Ktia its friend that behind one had been known mdium and witch who liveed a little distant of the city, hidden enters the great arvoredos of the bush: madame kan. Arriving at the dark one and fdido madame temple kan, Luis Guillermo for a good sense impetus perhaps thought about giving up, but its friend did not leave it to make this she convinced and it so that the least if consulted with the old one. With much insistence it follows the advice of Ktia. before exactly that they beat to its door madame kan appears as if for one flexe of light and says: – they had delayed I thought that they did not come more. When it said these words even though Ktia that also it practised the ocultismo if it arrepiou and it felt a calafrio briefing in the nape of the neck. They had sat down then and Guillermo started to explain its situation and then he said so that he had looked for to it. It was when madame kan asked: – you are made use to pass for any thing to have its love? – Exactly that for this he has that to deliver its soul in exchange? – exactly that he only has the body of it? – therefore never will love it you truily! – The espritos my young are in the world stop helping in them and helping in them plus you it knows that they have a price! – and what you have to offer them?