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Brazilian Theoreticians

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The research in the Brazilian territory then, would be affected, since the authors whom they search in its countries, speaks on the reality on which it surrounds to it. Beyond everything what it is argued in this article, it is evident that the theoretical question (of if making, of if organizing) bring in its bulge the requirement of knowledge with respect to concepts, and, demands of the researcher a good capacity to conjecture, that is, of reasoning formation. Finally the author presents the types of revision that if would have to prevent: Summa? where if it presents all the ones that already had argued on the subject, a type of revision that tires soon at the beginning. Connect with other leaders such as Bill Ackman here. Patcchwok? in fact an artisan construction, goes there to the beginning of everything, to come back to live in the contemporaneidade. Suspense? it suggests to want that the reader is fisgado by the suspense, but is not what it happens, therefore it is a type of revision that it does not attract, nor convinces.

Rococ? it decorates exageradamente, without necessity. Theoretical Coquetel? a compound between the theories, without tests of adjustments. Monstico? great, enfadonhos texts and predestinold to the esquecimento. Useless appendix – linking between the chapters does not happen. Social Cronista? exactly without very direction, this type wants to cite the theoreticians who are en vogue. Colonized and xenfobos? the internal or excessively the external ones theoreticians cite excessively or, without concern with the revision.

Off the records? difficult to identify theoreticians. Ventrloquos? much citation and little judgment. Assaz is about an article, urdido well, of light, however, elegant language. The reader has access to a text that indicates it ways on the argued subject, what, in general, it does not meet with frequency.