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GIP Economy

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However in 1979 the country was reached by as the shock of the oil, with high of the value of importation of fuels, explosion of interests, fall of the prices of primary products exported by the country, long contraction of the industrialized countries and the collapse of the international system of private credit, with one consequent fall of the capacity to matter. What it required plus a reply on the part of the country, however the economic policy, one more time under command of Dolphin Grandson, was characterized for the inconstncia, therefore the same it denied to admit the contraction and it searched to take the country in return to the market economy, with the end of the subsidy to the exportations; extinguishing of the previous deposit and exchange depreciation. Moreover the interpretation of the disequilibrium in the Brazilian external transactions with Dolphin suffers a deep alteration, where it stops them producing countries of oil in 1973 had placed a tax the national economy and a true treatment of shock in this year would have provoked better resulted; on the contrary of the external strangulation, the villain of history starts to be the saving deficiency having for coadjuvante the consumption excess; dficits of current transactions is understood as the measure of contribution of other countries for our development; the state-owned companies pass to be seen as one of the complicated problems more of the Brazilian economy and the retaken one of the capacity to matter will have to come by means of the agricultural expansion. However such change did not obtain to accomplish itself, mainly for the cronogramas of workmanships and great expenses of the great projects in progress. But the expansion of the resultant productive capacity of the great sectorial programs starts to generate verge between 1979 and 1984, stimulated for the oil, you kill not-ferrous, chemical products, siderurgical paper and cellulose and products, and such profit of verge was decisive to prevent the collapse of the economy in the second half of 1983. In the recent period of adjustment the great prominence is in charge of the substitutions of importation, in this case in the field of the basic insumos and in the sector of industrial goods, what it allowed the economy that with one same capacity of to matter operates it a bigger level of activities allowing in the Brazilian case a growth of 4,5% of the GIP, 7% of expansion of the industry and a retraction of the importations of 7%. No longer subcaptulo the Economy in mutation: reflections the author tells that in the countries of delayed development industrialization is a process marked for the occurrence of authentic mutations, and its implementation unchains adaptativas and creative reactions capable to promote the effective assimilation of the change, being that the mutations must be taken to the last consequncias to develop themselves. the strategy of 74 was a new mutation promoted in Brazil, therefore in forced march and with governmental interference, the economy went up the slope of the capital-intensive and technological-intensive industries, with the magnifying of the capacity of production of oil and electricity, of basic insumos and industrial goods what it allowed that country consisted with an ample field of possibilities. Landmarks Andres Schons Graduating of the course of Administration for the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) Center of Superior Education North – RS (CESNORS)