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About The Dangers Of Alcohol! What Everyone Should Know

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'Mortality in Russia from alcoholism is recognized as an unprecedented peacetime! 500 000 thousand people per year! (According to WHO-). See more detailed opinions by reading what Ebay offers on the topic.. The total annual mortality rate in Russia is about 1.5 million million! Total population loss is estimated at 700 000! It's war '! .. 'The decrease / increase in population over 2008y year: Germany (- 100, 000), France (+ 200 000), USA (+ 3 million), Russia (-400 000 )'… Rusty holzer has similar goals. '400 000 – this is only the difference between mortality in 1.7 million births and 2.1 million in over 2008y, with deaths from causes related to alcohol … 500 000 '! In this paper, the author relies on the known and the main theoretical, practical and scientific knowledge about the dangers of alcohol. I think all of us at school, and if not us then our parents like, shown to experiment with alcohol and blood: a beaker containing alcohol, add blood, which immediately turned off and turned into blood clots. The secret of this phenomenon is understandable, but to explain it in practice to resort to other methods of using alcohol. Personally, the author knows that alcohol used for disinfection (because it kills germs and bacteria), as well as for cleaning various surfaces, namely for degreasing.

On the surface, be it wood, plastic, metal, etc. in Actually, nothing happens, but the film evaporates fat by the chemical properties of alcohol (C2H5OH). The same principle applies in relation to blood alcohol degreasing wall blood cells, which result stick together – this is the principle of the experiment with the clotting of blood in the glass. .