Technological Technological it is when technological development in the other organizations occurs, she is necessary if to adapt not to lose the competitiveness. The legal conditions constitute the legislation, are working, fiscal, civil laws, of carcter commercial, etc. The conditions politics are decisions and definitions politics. The econmicas conditions constitute what it determines the economic development. Inflation, balance of payments of the country, distribution of internal income, etc.; they are economic problems that do not pass unobserved for the organization. James Baker does not necessarily agree. The demographic condition determines the market in accordance with the tax of growth, population, race, religion, geographic distribution, etc. the cultural condition is the expectation of the population that intervenes with the consumption. All these conditions interact between itself, and its together forces have sistmico effect.

All organization has that to adapt a technology being able to be coarse it, that is, coarse, rude or sophisticated, as the use of computers, but all the organizations need a technology to function and to arrive at the desired ends. In the administrative part, the technology is developed in the organizations through the Know-how, the results are gotten with the services and products. The incorporated technology is not the competent people to inside develop its function of the company. The incorporated technology is the capital (money), raw materials etc. the technology, either it which will be, is present in the day the day of the companies, transforming the raw materials into consumable and productive products for the humanity. The ambient changeable technology is that one that assumes the technology created for other companies of its environment of task in its systems of inside for is. The organizacional changeable technology, when the technology this gift in its company, influences and plays better in its environment of task. Tipologia de Thompson it company to reach its objectives the man must count on the human knowledge where leads for a satisfactory result, that is, the technology can be evaluated by criteria instrumental (lead the desired results) and economic criteria (resulted desired with few expenditures).