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As they do not count on the support of a pedagogical coordination, the works are developed with the support of the director and thus the carried through meetings have for objective the contribution of all, the main goal of these meetings are to leave the automatically informed family of all and any problem, so that thus the same one can come the school to speak with the responsible ones and to solve fastest the problem possible, in such a way fortifies the bonds with the families, creating bows of solidarity human being and tolerance between the school and the family. How much to the attributions of each sector can be detached that the director is qualified to represent the CEI, to watch over for the fulfilment of the effective laws, to promote interchange between the CEI and the community, through civic events, cultural and porting, having for objective to clarify to the pertaining to school community the main terms of the regiment. The faculty must participate of the elaboration of the project pedagogical politician, to execute referring programming to the regency, to keep the informed parents of the situation of the children, to bring up to date the pertinent registers to its activity, to watch over for the conservation of the equipment that it uses, to use compatible methodologies with the unit of education, to keep disciplines in room and to collaborate for order and disciplines generality, to know and to respect the effective norms, to execute tasks with efficiency, zeal and promptness; to have spirit of cooperation and solidarity, to respect the colleagues and users of the educational services. The monitor must be prompt and assduo, to assist in the tasks proposals for the planning, I serve as apprentice being respected it of development of child; to educate and to take care of the child of integral form; to stimulate and to assist in the acceptance of foods, hygiene and exchange of clothes; to remain itself brought up to date of the biological, psychological and social conditions of the child; to keep the environment where she develops activities with the children clean and organized; to respect the effective norms.