The Child

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It thinks about the possibilities of discoveries of a child, when it starts to engatinhar later the floor, in relation when this child was in the cradle with some days of life. Maturation neurofisiolgica- is what it becomes possible definitive standard of behavior. The alfabetizao of the children, for example, depends on this maturation. To hold the pencil and to manejar it as we, are necessary a neurological development that the child of 2,3 years does not have. It observes as insurance the pencil. Half the set of you influence and ambient stimulations he modifies the standards of behavior of the individual. For example, if the verbal stimulation will be very intense, a child of 3 years can have very bigger a verbal repertoire of it measured what it of the children of its age, but at the same time, can not go up and to go down with easiness of stairs, because this situation can not have eito has left of its experience of life.

(BOCK et al, 1997 p.82) If to analyze these factors we will go to understand that since child the human development comes being worked in the family and that by means of this context the family exerts a basic paper in the life of the pupil. The family is the place of the unit, of the continuity. Already school is the place of the diversity, of the difference. The important partnership of the family with development of the pupil is in the direction to stimulate the child if to involve actively in the life of the pertaining to school, to have curiosity for learning and interpreting the world. 1.2 The SCHOOL AND the STUDY OF the PSICOPEDAGOGIA When the behavior of the people is observed, exactly of whom they possess one high cultural level, the fear intimidates to them has not to believe its potentialities, thus preventing all the possibilities of if expressing ahead of a group of people.