The Clouds

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You have a narrow circle of friends, appreciate the friendship. 5. BROWN. If you prefer to carry things in a brown palette, then you are realistic, quiet, "Down to earth" person, like stability, attitude towards people and things with full responsibility and sense of duty. Do you value comfort and convenience.

With such a nice person to be friends, you are always sympathetic to your friends, but sometimes it is adamant to the people who make decisions too quickly without considering all the nuances. You have high morals and strong opinion, you are serious about money and are considering all your purchases, try to acquire things of high quality according to your income. You are a great family man and father, as much in need it themselves. If you do not like this color, then you love to dream, "fly in the clouds," all new excites you, excites, you can not stand routine of life. You inherent qualities such as intelligence passionate, impulsive and generous, you can not live life in the village, you have such a life would be ugnetat.Vy select circle of friends, among open, cheerful people. You seriously burdened family relationships, you must always be on guard, to bring into your life variety, since you can not sit in one place, you will attract adventure! 6. Beige. This color very similar to Brown, but he was less pronounced characteristic of quality. "People in beige" value for money, prefer to maintain neutrality in most situations, with warm feelings towards others, always practical, like communication, in his own style remained conservative and do not follow fashion trends.